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Nov 3, 2014
Hi all. Just diagnosed although little surprised. Brief history suffered iritis twice and second time my lower back flared up with my right hand changing colour shortly after. Medical professional thought AS but all blood test negative apart from slight increase in anti nuclear. Pain then seemed to flare up in right hip, feet, knees, hands, shoulders. Lots of hot burning sensations in knees and hands. Wake every morning with swollen hands, pain and little lumps. Sleep not been great as I wake with pain in hip and shoulder. Also have terrible twitching legs at night which drives me crazy. All xrays have come back with nothing outstanding (one Dr said some early signs of arthritis in lower back), MRI scan on lower back ok. Seen rheumatology 3 times. First time they did nothing. Referred again and this time went through everything and was quite sure not FM, went to physio who felt not muscular, suppose to have appointment 8weeks later but 10months later seen by locum who stated further xrays all clear, hlab27 positive and diagnosed FM all in about 2mins! Feel very confused with different medical professional opinions. Seeing gp next week to discuss meds. I am also going to ask for referral to check bowels as they have been dreadful since all this has been going on with episodes of bleeding and pain. I think I am struggling to accept it because opinions have not been consistent and I feel quite frustrated. I guess I also felt once they found out what it was they could treat it but now I feel "this is just how it's gonna be" and the last two years have been horrible. I am worried about potential meds as I push myself to keep going with work so I need them to not interfere. Rheumatologist is suggested amitriptyline or pregabaline which may aid sleep and that may assist pain. Love to hear you views. Thank you x
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