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Feb 26, 2016
Good morning everyone, I have recently been diagnosed with FM and do not take any medication at this time however I'm not sure I can deal with this pain without anything much longer. I am scared to death to try anything with all the bad side effects. I struggle to make it through an 8 hour day at work, which is strenuous .Most of my severe pain comes at night, and my husband will rub me down everywhere with tiger balm for some relief, massaging is so very painful but I do get some relief enough to get back to sleep. My feet and knees kill me. I experienced burning in my knees so bad one night I just cried myself to sleep I didn't know what to do I tried bio freeze and covered my knees with a cold cloth to help with the burning pain ( not much help). I am trying magnesium malate with magnesium for muscle pain and am considering marijuana anyone try this for pain? I need suggestions herbal supplements instead of narcotics I am not a fan of. Thanks
Welcome Goggins we are here...sorry you haven't had replies. My hands are bad so all i can say is HI but i will respond more later.
Hello Googins and welcome,

The magnesium is a good start. Just as important is vitamin D3. Have you had yours checked? You must ask for the blood test. Most FMers have low D3 that can cause more pain. It also helps with other illnesses and diseases.
I take a good CoQ19, B-complex, and D-ribose is so good for energy, I personally, highly recommend it. Curamin and Bromolain are very important antiflammatories. Wouldn't be without them.
I started wondering if these were really helping-as I need Rx too. My surgeon had me go off ALL supplements for 10 days before surgery. I WAS IN AGONY. Soon as I got home I added them back and am feeling so much better!
You certainly can add these one at a time to see if specific ones help or not, it will take a long time, but where are you going? ;-)
Please let us know how you are doing.
The knee surgery inflamed my hip bursitis, (did they drop me??), and I have ordered an essential oil combo that comes in a roll on. I' praying it helps as for 3 months I cannot have injections. Sometimes it hurts much more than the knee!
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