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Feb 23, 2013
Isn't it wonderful to finally know what is wrong after a life time of wonder and worry? Well, psychologically, anyways. Now armed with a lot of information, the real fight can begin.

I believe I was born with Fibromyalgia, reflecting back on the many symptoms I've had surface at key moments in my life. I'm well into the pain, cognitive and emotional flares now. But I hold on to hope, and will never give up fighting for my health. keep the faith peeps, we will pull each other through this.
Welcome to the forum.
Your just what we need another strong willed person to help us have the courage to face whatever happens in the future.

I too,had some different issues going on when I was in high school that makes me think I had it longer than I first thought, but I am glad I got the diagnosis, cause at least I knew then it was not all in my head, it was spread all around my body. lol

Anyways, there is lots to read on this forum and the information here is worth reading. Lots of helpful hints and coping skills, and most important new friends to meet and get to know.

I look forward to reading your posts and hearing your opinions on the different topic's. Again glad your here and make yourself at home. :)
Hi mermaiden, love your username :) Welcome to the forum.

It's very true, while my diagnosis was upsetting, it was more relief than anything. Like I've heard so many others say, "now I know I'm not crazy".
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