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Dec 5, 2013
Hi all: I am a newbie to the world of online support groups but unfortunately not unaccustomed to having pain and health issues since my early 20's. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune related disease in my mid twenties. Months ago I began experiencing chronic pain, and tenderness all over my body, in addition to fatigue that was unusual. After waiting for months to see a rheumatologist, the day before Thanksgiving I was tentavively diagnosed with Fibromyalgia based on symptoms, physical exam and no evidence of another cause of my symptoms on my lab results. It was a relief in that the doctor confirmed my suspicions that something abnormal was going on, yet at the same time it was a bit depressing as I have another illness to try and manage/cope with.

I have been doing my own research, outside of the suggestion by my doctor to try Cymbalta, as to possible treatments and causes of fibromyalgia (based on studies, not hypothetical ideas). Since the true cause isn't known, I feel overwhelmed with all the treatment suggestions such as cutting out gluten, taking a bunch of different vitamins, etc. Some things seem reasonable and some completely over the top, with no real proof that it provides any long term relief. So for right now I am feeling confused and a little down knowing fibromyalgia does not just go away but may be manageable with the right treatment. But what is the right treatment?

Thanks for hearing me out.......:smile:
Hello and welcome to the forum. I wish I could say what the best treatment could be but everyone is different. I am allergic to most all the meds used for fibro, so I have had to stick with one med for years. But really the best thing I can recommand is too cut out the stress in your life. Life is stress and only so much can be controlled by you, but what you can control needs to be trimmed back.

How to do this is not easy. But it can be done in stages. Like don't sweat the small stuff and don't try to multi-task. do what you can, when you can and don't try to do it all in one day. Hope that makes sense. Like if you want to houseclean and the task seems to big, then do only one or two chores each day and let the rest go.

As for reducing depression brought on by stress, try listening to music that peps you up, or watching funny movies that make you laugh. Read good books or daydream about something really good. Work puzzles or write your thoughts down in a journal. Start a new fun hobby. Use prayer time to reflect and relax. Find things that cause you to smile and be happy, for a little while. And come here often and share your thoughts and make new friends.

Look forward to reading your posts. :)
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I know it is easy to feel overwhelmed at this stage. It is natural, and I think happens to most people. You are in the right place, surrounded by people like you. Stress can be a nightmare, it's compounding effects are real and lasting. Like, 1sweed said, music is a good way to relax, just make sure it is the right kind of music. Pamper yourself, do things just for you because you love yourself. You deserve it.

I am guilty of attempting to multitask. Now that I am in pain -not fibromyalgia but some other mystery condition- multitasking can bring me down. I am so used to doing so many things, doing one or two things seems difficult, because I push too hard. So don't be like me at all, clearly it does not work. Treat yourself well, and slow down a bit. While you do that, you might be able to stop and smell the roses.
Thank you 1sweed and Fran for your kind words and suggestions. (I am listening to Christmas music as I write this.)

I know this is a day by day learning process so I am being more patient with myself now, as in giving myself more time to get ready in the morning and resting more while doing things around the house (or not doing them at all on the days I am feeling really awful). Besides mentally recognizing that I will likely have some level of pain all the time, part of the process is just trying to create a whole new mind-set, while maintaining a sense of normalcy. I am an active volunteer in my community, so I am normally the one providing help and listening to others in times of crisis. I have never been good at reaching out to others for help, especially since I tend to be a really private person.

It is comforting to know there are other people going through the same thing and searching for answers as well. So thanks everyone for your support!
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