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Dec 29, 2016
Aarrgh! Yet another flare. It started after stress at work. My boss made me interview for a job I had been doing well for 2 years then offered it to someone with 6mths experience compared to my 10 years of experience! It's no wonder I'm stressed out. I then went to a 50th birthday party of a colleague on Friday & it was a ceilidh. Needless to say I didn't want to sit out & miss out on all the fun so after only a few dances I feel like death. Everything hurts so bad & one of my knees is so bad I could hardly get back in the car yesterday to drive home from the supermarket. I'm back to feeling like there's no point in getting out of bed in the morning. I'm 39 & feel like I'll never be able to do anything normal ever again. Sorry for the moan, I'm feeling a bit down & frustrated just now!
Oh Lou i know its so frustrating....if its any consolation i think its amazing you feel able to take the 'risk' of well done for not giving into the fear of what might happen.

I have never danced despite longing to even in my kitchen or living room when i ve so longed to let go to my music playing and have a boogie!

I have to add for the exact reasons you mention..i had already learnt from painful mistakes what my limitations were....that meant no driving or i often could barely get back to the car after shopping or walking and no fast or unusually large no smimming or real exercising except regular walking and doing my housework or light gardening in small bursts.

I did reply in your other post..its sooo unfair you missed out on the job when you had been doing it successfully.To me it makes no sense and i wonder if your employers while not admitting it might be using fibro against you if they know about it.

You must be very hurt ..i know i would be.

Now you have to take extra care of your self until the worst of this passes.

Do you hurt all over or mainly your legs and knees. I dont know why people think fibro doesnt affect the joints because it does even though its the muscles tendons and ligaments around them that are actually affected....i do wonder if over time from my own experience if the pulling from tight muscles and tendons and ligaments actually does affect our joints.

Without prying so no need to answer if you dont wish but does that mean you have no job or just a different one now.

Anyway i am thinking of are very young to be dealing with this...i know there are younger people to but i was floored when i got hit at 47 and cant imagine it even earlier in life.

Take care x
Thanks for your reply diamond. I do know my limitations mostly but am determined not to let that beat me. I know very soon I'll need to learn to be more sensible & listen to my body! I saw your reply to my other post thank you �� I feel like I'm being discriminated against at work between one thing & another & even after taking advice from my union rep I still feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall!

I don't mind sat all you asking about my work. At the moment I work almost full time but since I didn't get offered it on a permanent basis I'll revert back to my part time job. It isn't easy working as many hours, looking after 2 kids & trying to keep on top of housework but at the moment we never have any money left every month after paying bills etc. When I go back to part time my wage will half which is stressing me out too. My husband has a decent job but we still struggle every month. Christmas is going to be pretty bleak this year with even less money. Sorry, you'll be sorry you asked lol. Thanks for taking the time to read & reply to my post.

Mostly my hands & knees are affected with pain, my knees are definitely the worst. It's almost impossible to even get in & out of the bath as bending my knees is excruciating. I have many other random aches & pains which tend to go but I never have much relief from my knees and hands.
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Hi Lou.

I used to be a dancer when i was younger. Tap, jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, ballroom... and so on. It was my whole life. I was in pain of course when i danced but i did not know why. I was frustraited. I could not figure out why all the other dancers in my class were doing better so i pushed myself and injured myself ending up with achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and really bad shin splints. After that was first time i experinced the true pain of fibro. Its been about 6 years since i had to stop dancing and i was never able to go back. I was depressed for years after that. I lost my friends and my boyfriend of 3 years because i was so depressed. I tried going and working out at the gym about 4 years ago but i would cripple myself to where I couldn't even walk for days and couldn't go back to the gym for months at a time and when I went back to the gym same thing again. I am in college and they still do fun homecoming dances. For the first time in four years i dont even want to go because i am not willing to put myself in that much pain anymore. Im only 21 and i wonder if i will ever be normal again. I have not even made it out of college years and im asking myself this. I definately know what its like to be frustraited and wonder if i will ever be normal. I am also on lyrica which means 21 and no alcohol for me.

Best of wishes
Hi Destrea. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately fibro knows no bounds and it can strike at any age. Sorry you've been diagnosed so young, that must've hit hard. It gets me down feeling like this & I'm not even 40 yet but I know I'm very lucky to have had 2 girls when I was reasonably young (my first at age 27 & my second at 29) as I couldn't ever imagine going through a pregnancy with this much pain & fatigue. I also have a husband of 18 years and am so grateful for what I have but on bad days I wonder what the point is getting out of bed in the morning. I work 5 days a week which really isn't easy but that & my family give me a sense of purpose. We fibro sufferers are definitely warriors and usually always find the strength from somewhere. Do you still go to college? It must be difficult with fibro fog?
HI there,

I truly understand how you feel. I have a mixture of fibro/arthrtis myself and my whole body feels tender from head to toe 24 7. I also suffer from a very loud rnging in both ears, as well as psoriasis and gerd. All of this happened after a dr overdosed me on antibiotics. My life hasn't been the same since 10 years ago at all. I go to full contact martial arts, eventhough my body is in pain. This life with fibro is very difficult and having fun indeed brings on pain.

Bless all of you and i hope you find comfort somehow....
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