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May 18, 2013
But here are my symptoms.

I figure if I can't get a doctor to listen I can at least write them down. Forget the past and why and how this happened. This is today. Am I disabled? Or am I not just working hard enough toward health. I think these things simultaneously all the time.

A Flare starts for me with a general malaise. I feel tired, achy, and my glands hurt. I feel like I am coming down with a virus. Then the pain and fatigue and I am in bed all day if I can be. I have to nap though I usually (or used to) never nap. I can have the runs, stomach pain and headache. I usually lasts about 48 hours and then eases up.

The problem is that it doesn't matter how I feel because I have to go to work. I have run out of sick time and leave time taking a day here, three days there, an afternoon off because I can not think straight or cope with the pain.

I take my Vicodin at work to get me through the day. It is a good day when I can hold off on that until 3 PM. A bad day is when I have to take it before work.:?

My new Doctor is not promising. When I told him of my pain and fatigue after work, he said "Well, everyone gets achy and tired after work sometimes." The doctor who diagnosed me retired and it looks like I need to Doctor shop again.

But he has no problem with the meds I am taking. Except for the Xanax and I wish I could get off of it but new doctor says to wait for a while.

This is my mildly incoherent rant. It is just nice to put it out there so someone might believe me. I sure can't get my boss to believe that I have to take 1-3 days off every month and I can't predict when that will be. I can't get intermittent FMLA.

So, like lots of people I go to work sick.

I am CVS and I wish I knew for sure if I am sick or crazy. I guess it could be both.
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