not sure it relate to fibro

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Mar 16, 2013
I 44 year old I have fibrous since 2003 the meds work great for a while. I was on strong pain Med for 4 years and once I got off the pain Med it seems like my life with fibro got a lot worse my feet got super hot at night and my foots was numb and tingling and now my feet feel it hard for me to get up and walk around without it hurting. when I walk it feels like I walk on water blister . It spreading up pass my ankle to my above my ankle.

I talk to my family Dr he sending me to see a Neurology.


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Hi, are you taking anything at all for pain, and.... are your hormones okay, like could you be having menopause symptoms?
There is a condition called peripheral neuropathy, that affects the nerves in your feet and can move up your legs. It causes numbness and tingling, and warmth and pain. I have a relative who suffers from this and it can be quite painful at times with cramping as well. You should ask your doctor about it. There are medications that can help control it and make the symptoms easier to bear. :)
On the upside, if it is peripheral neuropathy? The medications for it are also good for Fibro :) Lyrica is for both fibro and diabetic neuropathy. Alpha Lipoic Acid also helps with neuropathy. I don't have it, but I take it to help prevent it. I stopped for awhile... and now that I think about it, that's when I really started noticing the fibro-like pain that sent me to be diagnosed. I re-started it n 3/17 along with the gabapentin an have been feeling a lot less muscle pain. I still have the constant fatigue and muscle weakness though. The other day I could barely fold underwear. :(
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