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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Details: 30 year old male, decent shape, husband, father.

I've had ongoing health issues for the past 2 years. Started with GI issues- moved to lightheadedness/imbalance, now I'm dealing with body wide twitches and right arm (especially thumb) pain/fatigue/perceived weakness.I also get moments where I just get drained- like I could just collapse on the floor.
Now GI issues are pretty much gone along with the lightheadedness/imbalance. Muscle fatigue/twitching is still here.
Been to a neuro who tested for Lymes and did an EMG on my legs about a year ago when my legs felt fatigued and weak. EMG came back clean. MRI done- clean. Blood work clean. Now it's year later and I had a recent follow up visit where I explained the twitches and arm issues. He said its stress and take an SSRI.

So...part of me appreciates his dismisiveness, but the other part of me feels like he's not really listening to my symptoms.Especially because my PC told me to not take any medication for stress. I'm not a really stressed out person, pretty laid back actually. These health issues have caused stress/anxiety as well.

Reason I'm here is like 90% of others hat have some concern about ALS- we google "twitches and muscle fatigue" and BAM...

Question is- my right thumb and arm are fatigued but maybe not 'weak'. my right shoulder is sore/tired as well. I guess with all the random symptom pages on-line I'm looking for some clarity on it all. Is there something that I definitely should or shouldn't be able to do that would signify a serious issue or can it only be tested clinically.

I'm just tired of feeling this way and having no answers.
Hi Packersfan. Have you had a second EMG? Pretty clear fact is that if the EMG is clean it's not ALS. Do you know which Lymes test was done?

Best of luck!

With issues in one arm, it's much more likely, when combined with your age, to be something within your neck or shoulder or even the elbow, if not out and out issue within the thumb itself.

Overall generalized weakness can be so many things--I wouldn't begin to speculate.

SSRIs are for depression. Are you feeling depressed? Is it helping? Go back to the GP and see if he can schedule some testing for the arm itself if there is clinical weakness. Way too early to be thinking ALS.
I wonder if you could maybe explore the G.I. issues with the doctor. Sometimes that stuff can lead to absorption issues that in turn can affect muscles / nerves over time. I'm far from any kind of expert on it, but it wouldn't hurt to discuss with your doc. I'm guessing you got your basic metabolic panel -- B12, folate, etc. Good luck.
Go to a rheumy. Your fatigue could be Fibro, CFS or pinched nerve. ALS does not present with pain.

Oh, your GP is an idiot and seems to have a closed mind. Taking an SSRI, like Elavil would help you physically as well as mentally. One of the side affects of this drug is easing of nerve pain and helps with the symptoms of Fibro.
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