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Keith Watson

Jul 15, 2013
I was on a sleep study and the report said I have brain waves consistent to Fibro but I told a Rheumatologist and he said he never heard of that. I told another doctor and he laughed at me. I have a lot of the classic symptoms; pain in my shoulders neck and hips, sensitivity to light, sound and touch along with burning muscle pain in my legs. I have a feeling that because I'm nervous doctors think I'm a medication seeker. The good news is I just found a new family doctor so I would like to educate myself enough to make sure I don't get the brush off again.

What should I ask my doctor to do?
First off welcome to the forum. I would like to suggest that in talking with your new doctor do no bring up the subject of fibro right away. I say this because doctor's like to be the ones who diagnosis conditions. When a patient comes in with the idea he has some condition, some doctors can make you feel foolish and like it's all in your head. You could mention that a doctor suggested it, but in a off-handed manner until you know your new doctor better.

As for the sleep study that might be useful at some future date, but I have never heard of a certain area of brain wave pattern for fibro. Not to say it does not exist, but it may have come from a doctor who has some ideas of his own.

So what do you do. You tell the doctor your worse symptoms and try to find ways to manage them first. Then add the other symptoms that are bothering you a bit at a time, so the doctor does not think your just a complainer. A diagnosis is important but since there is no cure for fibro, just learning the management skills will help you at home and in dealing with your doctors. Read and join in a lot on this forum.

If you read through many of the back posts here you will gain a lot of knowledge on how to handle the different symptoms, as well as, medications other people are using that work. Ask more questions and we will do our best at giving you answers. Hope to see your name around the forum. :)
It's funny the sleep clinic I went to specializes in pain related sleep problems and that was the first time someone suggested Fibro but no one else seems to have heard of that connection. I was in so much pain at the sleep study I had no deep wave sleep. I'm still in a lot of pain but stopped mentioning it to doctors a long time ago because they turn off. This new one does not seem to be very interested so yes information is likely my best remedy and I can see you have a lot of very knowledgeable members here. Thanks!
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