Now I have gone and done it...

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Jul 26, 2022
morning started out ok.. helped my partner find his glasses *he forgets to take them off sometimes* pulled on a pair of sweatpants - kind of damp & chilly this morning.. went to the kitchen & fixed my mug of coffee.. had a few sips.. set the cup down and went into the living room to talk to the partner for a min.. he is looking for a new (to him) vehicle and i wanted to find out if he had found any possibilities..
got done chatting, turned around to go back towards the kitchen and tripped over his boots (they should not have been where they were, but, eh..) and proceeded to fall..
reached out to try to catch myself on the corner of the wall and missed.. arm scraped across the corner as i went down, landing on my knees and right hand, which jammed the right shoulder... I naturally screamed out in pain.. and slowly laid down on my right side (since the left arm was in the worst pain).. my poor partner - bless his heart - was slightly panicked.. not sure if i had broken something, or what.. he then sees the arm bleeding and grabs the paper towels, very gingerly trying to dab up excess blood..
Once i got over the initial shock of pain and was able to gather my wits about me - quick mental body assessment, no, nothing broken i think.. but the arm is in excruciating pain.. had him get some paper towel wet & wrung out enough that it wasnt dripping, and once he unscrunched it enough i took it put it over the worst of the damage... then had him help me get up.. headed upstairs to the bathroom.. knees complaining a bit worse than usual on the stairs, but still functioning.. this is a good thing... took care of morning business and got a peek at the arm damage.. OWWWW... think nasty road rash, but without the dirt & gravel (thankfully!)..
swapped the wet paper towel for a wet wash cloth, used some of that stretchy wrap that sticks to itself to hold that in place.. and off we went to urgent care to get things checked out.. by this time, i am still in a lot of pain, but calm and collected..
Urgent care visit went about as expected.. cleaned things up, dressed and wrapped.. Ice pack applied to help with pain & swelling..
also got sent for an x-ray of the shoulder to make sure there was no major damage there.

am home now, and "resting [un]comfortably" lol but yeah.. not how i intended to spend my Saturday morning.. 😔
Oh my god what a horrendous morning, the arm(minus the blood) is an interesting one, my spacial awareness has definitely suffered of recent times not sure if its fog, general fatigue or just being a ditz but either way i keep scraping hitting my arms (outer sides and back of arm) and my god the pain is unbelievable and its one of those things where in my head im like this isnt a big deal pain should subside quickly but it never does, can sometimes hurt like hell for ages after the actually incident.
I know its due to hypersensitivity which for me is linked in with my FM but man its frustrating. People so often dont understand that the pain they feel and what a person with FM feels from the same incident is vastly different.
I hope you are ok and im glad your partner was there to help you.
yeah, for the most part, i am ok.. just stiff, incredibly sore, and now very tired.. (adrenaline let down?)
would really like to just go lie down and take a nap, but trying to figure out how i would accomplish that at this point..
right shoulder kind of precludes lying on that side.. the left arm says "nope, not here either" and I have never really been a back (lumbar issues) or stomach sleeper... so.. yeah.. recliner here i come? LOL
Finding a cumfy place even without all your injury today can be a challenge, hope you can get some cumfy(ish) rest
Oh no ...that's a horrible thing to happen cookiebaker! My thoughts are with you ... sending you lots of positive get better soon vibes! 😍
thanks all.. next few days are gonna be a challenge, that is for sure.. but i will get thru somehow.
would not be the first time i have slept in the recliner, lol
well, did not have to sleep in the recliner, yay! :LOL:

actually did ok in bed.. the right shoulder was not nearly as bad as expected, lol.. and left side was ok, as long as the forearm was in a position that prevented the damaged area from touching anything. (basically had my left hand up on the right shoulder.. worked pretty well)
overall sleep was ok.. not great, but not horrible either.. and i did get up once around 3am for a bathroom run.. took a couple more extra strength Tylenol while i was up, and went back to bed.
That is so good to hear you managed sleep and rest, i think we can all relate to sleeping in some querky positions to alleviate things or make a particular area hurt just that little bit less ❤️❤️
oh for sure! gotta do what ya gotta do to get what rest you can.

I am slightly surprised I dont hurt more than I do, honestly.. I fully expected to be a huge ball of "hurt" today.. but i am not, no more than usual anyway - and i am grateful for it!
What a blessing!!! It is always such a pleasant (ish) when the pain from an injury or particular activity isnt as bad as youd bee. Expecting or preparing yourself for
Arm is slowly healing.. looks better, but worse at the same time, lol
the torn skin part looks better - background bruising looks worse.

Still very sensitive to touch, but that is to be expected, i guess.. I can use the arm pretty well for most things, but can not lean on it like i used to do.. that hurts! 😣
General body aches - no worse than usual, which is a good thing.
Now just need to get sleep position sorted out a little better.. got up at about 3:30 this morning, apparently i moved the arm into a wrong position and it hurt enough to wake me.. now at lunch time, i am so tired and ready for a nap, but if I give in to the nap, i wont sleep tonight.. so.. darned if i do, darned if i dont.
I hope you are feeling better!
yeah, and the arm is healing up nicely.. starting to itch like crazy tho... a good sign of healing, but OMG, dont scratch!!

still a bit sore if i bump against something with it (like a door), but that is slowly getting better as well
I used to have a high tolerance for pain but no longer. It took me a bit to figure this out. Will you need physio?
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