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Jun 20, 2013
:idea: Think about going to a NUCCA chiropractor (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). Bottom line: if your spine and body is misaligned, your brain, nerves, and blood circulation are not optimal. Pain is a common result.
I've been a FM patient since 1998. Needless to say, I've had all the pain you can list. However, I've been experiencing headaches, dizziness, horrible back pain, increased neck pain and hip pain since November this year. It got to where I couldn't put my socks on and sit comfortably. I'd been to a NUCCA chiropractor in 2000 with hip pain. He cleared it up completely in 3 visits. I tried to look for this same chiro but he must have moved away. I found another NUCCA chiropractor in my area. Man, am I lucky! There are only 5 registered NUCCA doctors in Colorado! My doctor is Dr. Tom Groover. After consultation and X-rays of my neck and top of spinal column, he determined that my neck is out of alignment 3 degrees forward and 1.9 degrees to the left. My left leg is 1 inch shorter than my right. My C3 and C4 vertebrae are in a straight line and not curved (abnormal). The right side of my body is carrying 19 more pounds than the left. So, using a special device, he applied pressure in a very specific area on my neck. Then, he did some gentle manipulations of my head and neck (no pulling, cracking, popping). NEXT DAY, MY BACK PAIN IS DOWN BY 70%! Wow! I now can actually turn my neck fully left to right. He is teaching me about the correct posture (chin down and shoulders back). Next visit, he will address my hip problems.
NUCCA chiropractors are specialized in working with the upper cervical region of the body. They train the same as other chiros but go through extensive and difficult training to get NUCCA certification. It takes more time and costs more money for chiro students. Many give up. That's why it is so hard to find one. Why do I like using NUCCA certified chiropractors? I am a retired radiologist's daughter and my dad has so many horror stories of patients being paralyzed from "pop and crack" chiropractors. NUCCA is not so invasive. If you want to know more about this, please check out the site: BTW, I am a chemist and a skeptic. For me to be this excited and to believe in this process, it's gotta be something! I will post more info about progress on my next visits.
I used to see one for over a year.he was top of his game .and the pain after was did nothing for didn't help the pain,it didn't help anything.ive tried many in my time.heard everything you have said over and over.all it did for me was cost me money.
That does not mean you would be diff.but I'm just telling you how it was for me.
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