One day at a time - learning to manage fibromyalgia

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Dec 10, 2022
I was diagnosed about 2 years ago...finally! I had suspected years ago but the doctor then missed it. I have struggled for many years. I'm in my 50's and just now learning how to manage. I'm stubborn and keep going. Sometimes I do too much and pay for it. But I refuse to let it keep me from living. I have to live one day at a time. It's hard to plan ahead because I don't know how I will be then. I do suffer greatly from depression and anxiety, and with the pain, I cry myself to sleep most nights. My poor husband. He's very supportive and loving though, so I am very blessed. I am glad to have found this group.
What an amazing way to deal with it! it's perfect. one day at a time, also please be honest with yourself and how your feeling, (both with fibro and emotionally) it's a challenging condition (most conditions have their challenges) weve got a venting thread too (if your really fed up,) + one (or more ) of us will answer it, also welcome to the forum, you've got a place where you can be understood about the pain and tiredness extreme your going through (or just to have a chat, I asked before +that's allowed : ) ) so welcome to the forum it's quite an interesting place (everyone here's different but connected by the same/similar conditions or knowing someone that has them )
Thank you so much! Oh, I have some horrible stress/pain days so I will be relieved to be able to vent. I am also my elderly mom's caregiver and that's rough too. Again, thank you.
Your welcome, aw being a carer can cause real stress and depression (it's like a lonely isolation), i was a carer for my grandad for a while (and that's how I felt) are there any centres she can go too? (in uk, not sure where your from yet) there's usually places they can go like an elderly people get together for a few hours (depends how you or your mam would feel about it and depending on the level of care she needs) I know I felt sad a lot looking after my grandad (my family did nothing to help us, just left me to it) I don't regret it, I did cos 1 no one else would and 2 my gran and grandad didn't give us the violent experiences my mam dad and abusive sister did so it was like a thankyou thing (the last 5 years with him was really hard) he did need go to the nursing home eventually, here's some hugs for you (through electromagnetic waves: : ) )
🤗 🤗 🤗
Aww, thank you. Hugs felt. I'm in California. I'm looking into a local senior center but she's still able to live pretty well on her own. My husband and I live across the street so we are there for her. I am pretty much all she has though. I love her with all my heart. She too was a light in a rough childhood. She also has FM. I understand there's a genetic link too, right? Well anyway, time for bed. Hope my chest stops hurting so I can sleep well. Not sure if it's the gerd or rib pain or anxiety. Ugh. Or all. Good night 😴.
PS I see you're from Wales. I've got a wonderful friend in Wales. Small world really.
It really really is! 🌎 😁, and yeah regarding hereditary I think there have been about two (since I joined) members who's mams had fibro also 💫
May I ask you, do you do any kind of moderate exercise and does that help? Like walking, Tai Chi, yoga, etc.
Certainly you may!, I've been using an exercise bike and a rowing machine lately (not everyday) but on my ok days (when the pains not as bad or fatigue isn't as extreme) I try for 20 mins each one ✨🌞✨
G’day and welcome to the forum. I too am carer for my mom, she moved into a granny flat she got built here on our three acres. Mom is my world, I love her to bits and since July when she moved in I think her health has improved a little.
My kids will come over and the grandkids (7) will say I am going to visit nanni. Mom loves it. She has chronic health conditions and has had fibro for over 30 years. Her main condition is cause she smoked for over 45 years . Watching someone you love so much trying to breath because they just walked a few steps 😥.
If your a smoker please think about giving it up because it’s bloody cruel to watch and hard on the loved ones around you.
Wow, we have many similarities. But neither my mom nor I have ever smoked once in our lives. Thank you for the welcome and input.
I enjoy short walks and in the warmer months enjoy gardening. I'm trying Tai Chi out. But anything I do, if done a little too much, I hurt more the next day.
Oh yes I love my garden, though it has mostly turned to pots hanging off chains strung tree to tree. I can tend to them without all the bending and it looks lovely. oh and my lawn. I was the only one in my family that never smoked. Even though mom gave up smoking 10 years ago , but it’s too late, the lungs are damaged. I too still do my walks, no matter how much it hurts I have to. I am lucky to live on the coast. So when I have dr appointments ect I always leave early so I can walk along the foreshore. So many beaches and walking paths to help distract you while it hurts 😉
One day at a time is all we really can do - any of us, sick or not.
but for those of us with chronic conditions, sometimes it comes down to one hour at a time, or on really bad days, one minute at a time.
I agree cookiebaker it’s more like minute by minute.
Like now I am struck down with a throat and ear infection OMG . My right ear is totally blocked and the tinnitus in it is horrendous 😵‍💫😥 it’s doing me in.
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