One spot more pain than others?

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Jun 11, 2013
Do any of you get pain in one spot more than others? Right now, and for about the past 2 months, my elbow has been very sore. I thought it was tennis elbow, and it might be to a point, but today I am in so much pain in just my elbow that I cant even brush my hair.


Hi Pepper,

Yes, I often feel pain in certain parts of my body more than others. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, and ever since, I have felt like different pains come and go. For a month or two at a time, it will be primarily my lower back... Then the next few weeks/ months, I will feel the most aches in my arms and legs. In fact, when my family asks "What's hurting you today?" I'll often answer, "Well, EVERYTHING, but mostly ________." It definitely changes.

However, from time to time I will write a journal entry about what hurts and where. I came across one that I had written back in July 2009, and I was actually surprised to see how SIMILAR my symptoms were between then and now. I thought the pain had shifted greatly, when in reality, I just forgot! (#FibroFog, amiright?) Maybe you should consider tracking your symptoms once or twice a month?

That being said, YOU know your body better than anyone else does. Don't make excuses for your FM and fail to treat other ailments. It's very possible that your elbow could use some TLC. Sometimes I blame my FM for every ache, but the truth is, we are not impervious to other, unrelated pains! Get it checked out. If all you get is an eye roll, then get a second opinion. Trust yourself.

Hope you feel relief soon!
I agree with Malloryrose. I generally hurt more in specific places, for instance my feet/legs have been hurting more the last year. Before that, it may have been my neck/shoulders or arms. So, yes, fibro does move around, and we can feel the pain more in ne specific area. But, as Malloryrose also said, we know our bodies, and I know I'm sometimes guilty of blaming fibro, when it's something else going on. A month ago, I had a bad pain in my arm and had difficulty raising it...I at first thought it was fibro. But as it worsened, I finally got it checked out by an ortho doctor, and it turned out to be bursitis and a tear in my rotator cuff!

So I would say, if the pain continues in that one spot, you might get it checked out by your doctor.
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