pain along your jaw and neck

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Forgive me if I can't remember all the details of your ordeal.

The pain along your jaw and neck - this could be myofascial pain syndrome. This can go hand in hand with Fibromyalgia.

Have you been to a pain clinic? They can give you an injection at the trigger point on your neck that refers the pain to your jaw. This will provide such great relief you will be amazed. (That is, if it's MPS)

The pain you are describing is not typical of ALS, as far as I know and I don't know much!;)
HI cb

I just wanted to say that I get the same pain in my jaw and strain in my neck. I have no diagnosed and have had the "whole"work up. BUT my rhuemy did suggest that I had MSP. I had 10 of 18 trigger points for fibro but he did not think that was it for me because I would have more pain. Did you get mri on neck? i do have slight buldge discs that on the report said could cause neck spasms. My tongue feels tight also, but what I tell myself is that if you can talk, swallow, eat.....then dont go there! I have the dents, my neuro who works with ALOT als/pls pts said that is not what scallop tongue is. Your tongue would feel smaller, mine feels bigger and pressing up against my teeth.

take care!
Thanks! People keep telling me that there is no pain with the onset of ALS. Since I have a ton of muscle pain in my neck, traps, and shoulders, I guess that is a good thing. Although, I would think that if I were experiencing atrophy, it would cause pain? My tounge does feel bigger and like I said, it aches at the base in my throat. This is good input, I will bring it up to my doctor. Someone suggested I might have TMJ? The muscle twitches still dont fit....does anone know if you can have that with Fibro?

CB in Ohio
yes you can have twitches with fibro. I have fibro so I know. But I'm no doc!

Fibro can flare and cause lots of pain or it can go into a "remission" and you can be relatively pain free.

I'm telling you your head can feel like it is in a vice with MPS/Fibro. go to a pain clinic. get relief.

There are exercises you can do to also relieve the tension in the neck/jaw/face.

Doesn't sound like ALS at all.
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