Pain Clinic wont let me make an appoint. with out MRI?

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Oct 12, 2016
Hi every one. I My question today is about pain management. I use to have pain management around 10 years ago for my Fibromyalgia. Since then I have even more chronic and painful disorders and diseases such as Diabetes, Carpal tunnel, arthritis in my spine and moderate degenerative disc disease to name a few. I am in so much pain in my back I can barely move. And it's like this almost all the time. I finally got my Primary Dr. to send me to a pain specialist along with physical therapy after having a x-ray done. I call to make an appointment and the lady on the phone tells me that she can't make me an appointment until I have had a MRI or CT scans. I do have an x-ray but she said that isn't good enough. Along with that she needs 3 months of my primary Dr's records. Well, the problem is in order for me to have an MRI done I have to have at least 3 months of physical therapy first and I have to say that it didn't work for me. This is so my insurance will pay for it. So, I know that I have to wait at least another 3 months before I can get any relief. More like 4 months actually because you know you can never get in there right away. How come 10 years ago or so I didn't need anything but a referral from my Dr. And all I want is some cortisone injections in my knees and back. I think that is what it's called. I use to get them in my knees. I don't want pain meds. But that is beside the point. So. what do people do that have things like Fibro? As we all know who have this there is no "proof" with MRI's and stuff. So, they can just turn us down? What happened to the pain laws? I can't get someone else because I have state insurance and you have to go by there rules and they assign you a certain Dr. if you like it or not. Is this how it is now? Or did I just happen to get unlucky with this particular pain clinic? Is anyone else using a pain clinic Dr.? I am in California by the way.
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