Pain in Neck and Back !?!

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Feb 10, 2013
Ive been getting alot of pain in my neck and back lately, it'll get sharp going up/down my spine and the bottom of my head. Ive been taking painrelif but sometimes it doesnt always work, so id be sitting there with the pain.

Does anyone else get this? If so how do u cope with the pain?
Hi Lilly-mae, Pain in your neck and back can sometimes be relieved by use of warm compresses or a heating pad or both. It is a difficult area to pin point in easing of pain, but soaking in a tub with warm water and epson salts added to the bathwater really helps. Having a friend or family member massage your neck and back will lossen stiff muscles. Then just relax for the day and don't do any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise until the pain eases. It can in some causes be caused by a pinched nerve and that sometimes takes an adjustment by a doctor to work out the sore pinched nerve area.
Daily excercise in spite of pain has personally shown, and medically shown to relieve some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia over time, including reducing and lessening the severity of pain. This isn't for everyone though and it's certainly not a quick fix immediately.

Heating pads, A535 pads (or similar), and strong lotions such as Tiger Balm all help me. Massages, hot baths, being in water (swim or similar, which for me isn't very convenient for me without a pool), but the few times I've had access it's seemed to help.

Sometimes, nothing helps and I endure, those are the very bad days. I think it's on these days that some of us have prescribed medications that help.
I have a ton of pain in my neck and my upper back. It can get pretty awful. Just sitting down can help, and lying down is best of all. But I just can relate, it's really an awful pain.
Same here, the middle of the top part of my back is constantly under strain and in pain. I find lying down with my knees bent is the best, shown below, though I don't usually lying with my hands so perfectly at my side.


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Massage although painful does help but due to cost I had to discontinue this treatment. Computer work is always painful and my cymbalta does not cut it.

Heat pads dont work on me and i cant have a bath because i have a phobia of being surrounded by water. I get my mom to massage my back and neck so that helps alot. I try to relax as much as i can, i dont lift anything heavy or do to much exercise that would make it the pain alot worse.
I do exercise for 20mins everyday and i cant do alot more then that because the pain gets to much for me. I use Votarol gel that helps me lots and ive been having alot of bad days which is a pain in the ass. And i do find lying down with my knees bent helps but i cant do it for to long.
I have that. It really can take over my life at times. I find stress and recent activity have an effect of the duration and frequency. I never go without some pain.
I had this constantly, severely, nonstop, before I went on the Lyrica my Rheumatologist prescribed. Pain medications never helped, and neither did hot baths or anything of the sort. But my pain was caused by the nerve endings themselves, not from neck strain or muscle stiffness (although that contributed a bit). The only solution I've ever come across was the Lyrica. It was a miracle drug for me. I just heard that it doesn't work for everyone.

Now I only have the severity of pain on that level with my "bad days". On normal days it is considerably less. On good days, I don't feel the pain at all. But good days are few and far between ~_^.
I get severe pain in my upper back, shoulders, and neck. Once of the best solutions I've found that helps is just really watching my posture. I sit a lot during the day because I'm in school full time and on a computer a lot. Often positions like this tend to lead to "forward head" syndrome as I like to call it. If you think about it, your head weights about 8 pounds...that is a HUGE weight and strain for your neck to hold up if you're leaning too far forward all day. You back and shoulder muscles tense up to compensate for the added strain. Try adjusting your posture if you sit at a desk a lot. I also purchased a portable book stand to prop up text books so I don't have to lean over them to really has helped and I notice if I slack on the posture then the pain returns quickly! Exercises to strengthen your core and back muscles are really beneficial too.
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