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Jun 8, 2013
Hey everyone. Newbie here. I have had nonstop pain since last summer. I was tested for everything under the sun but nothing was found besides a brain defect, chiari malformation that led to syrinx in spine. Then i had pseudotumor and had to get a shunt put in head that drain excess fluid into stomach. Anyways after two months in hospital, i woke up with same symptoms. Now, six months later, i finally got diagnosed with fibromyalgia which I'm sure i have had it for years but didn't have it so extreme. So i have pain at sll times, severe pain. I see people talking about getting flare ups and I don't understand because i have never had a good day for about a year. I'm beginning to think that this is how i will feel forever. I take oxycontin, oxycodone, neurontin, effexor, and amitryptolene. I have severe pain in legs to where i cringe if i have to walk. My hands aches and falls asleep all the time which wakes me up. My whole body aches just not as bad s limbs. I can't work anymore. I also deal with insomnia, depression, anxiety, ibs, ddd, scoliosis, endometriosis, chest wall pain, horrible memory loss, vitamin d deficiency, brittle nails, i'm sure much more that k can't think of right away. Anyways, I'm looking on here to get advice. Can anyone have any clue why i have had a while year straight of constant pain, does this mean I'm like this forever? I'm only 26 years old married with two young kids. any other meds i should try? Please give me done guidance cuz im so discouraged that this is my permanent future.
Trish33, My heart goes out to you in hearing about all the suffering your going through. Have you tried seeing a pain management expert. Sometimes they can help when other doctors are clueless. If you read the posts in the pain management section of the forum, you might get some new coping skills that others have used here. Sometimes a change of medication helps if what your taking is not working. I always worry a bit when I see that oxycontin is being used as it is an addictive drug that seems to lessen over time in working requiring higher and higher doses. There are other drugs that work well for most people with fibro, however, I will leave that answer to others who use those drugs. I am allergic to most of them and so I use over the counter pain meds and Neurontin to manage pain. I also use ginger root capsules when I have a flare and have lots of inflamation.

Your hand problem sounds like the carpal tunnel syndrome, and maybe cloth splints or braces would help. Try taking Vitamin D everyday. The chest wall pain is related to fibro and is called Costochondritis. It can be helped by the use of a heating pad. Try hard to think positive, as you say some of this is caused by depression, which is hard enough to break free from without fibro.

Start coming here often and posting. Ask questions and welcome new people. Have the courage to request friends or at least try to form on-line friendships with others here. We are all willing to help cheer up another fellow sufferer when in need of some help or just a cyber hug. Look forward to seeing you around the forum. :)
Thanks so much for the feedback. I am trying to stay positive and I actually had an amazing painfree evening last night which is so rare. I have no idea where it came from but I loved it. I had an emg done and was told nerves all look great and no carpel tunnel but I am still wearing a brace at night to try to help with hand/wrist pain and numbness. I started taking vitamin d everyday, and hardly use my heating pad but I will start to see if that brings about some relief. I understand about the use of oxycontin. I took 20mg for about 6 months and then it did nothing for me so dr increased it to 30mg which seems to help for now but I'm also worried about in 6 months when this one decides to stop working. I have not seen a pain clinic dr yet but that is my next step. I have two wonderful kids and a very supportive husband. My parents are also very supportive and help me with my children so I really am blessed so much. These are the things I have to try to remember on the rough days.
trish33, Your pain free night may be the start of something new by just coming here and sharing. Sometimes it is a great relief to many just having new friends who understand your pain. So I hope that coming here will stop some of the depression and help keep you in a good happy mood so you can enjoy your days with your two children and husband.
I see you live in Kansas, I hope you have managed to duck all those bad storms that seem to hit your state every year. I think that is one reason I moved back to Pa, from FL, was those bad storms. I was constantly sick in Fl, but am somewhat better living up here in a northern state. Just the weather conditions can make a body and joints ache more. Anyways good luck in keeping the pain away. :)
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trish33, since your post came back to the top of the stack, I wanted to check on how your day is going... it's been a few weeks since you posted and I hope that you've found something... anything... that will give you a little bit of relief.

You asked about additional medications. I'm not sure I'd go that route if nothing is helping that your doctor is trying. You may want to look at the alternative therapies section of the forum and maybe there will be an idea that you can try?

In any case, I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain constantly. :-(
Thanks for checking Back but no, still trying to live day to day. In so much pain. Last week and a half tailbone started hurting to where i can't sit. I haven't fallen or injured it. Doc thinks just fybro and gave cortisone shot. Just feeling helpless:(
:-( I'm sorry to hear that it's not better for you. Do you have a pain management specialist? And is your doctor trying new things and treatments or basically just sticking you with that needle when things are worse than usual?
mariposa, I do not have a pain specialist but am considering getting one. My doctor is a family doctor whom I have had since I was little and also cares for childrens health needs. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I'm not getting any better. He increased amitriptyline, and normally doesn't give shots but this time did do the cortisone which I must say, helped. It sux when it hurts your tailbone to sit but also hurts my feet to walk. My neuro now wants me to go get a biopsy.. thinking that I have small fiber nerve neuropathy which doesn't show up on emg's. I have read some questionable things about lasting pain and numbness from this procedure so I haven't decided yet. Anyone have luck with pain specialist? I don't want anyone to take away my oxy cuz its pretty much the only relief that I get even if its shortlived.
Hi, Trish....I'm new, and I've been reading your thread here. I'm so sorry for the amount of pain you've been in. I was wondering where you said you had vit. D deficiency....I've read where low vit. D can cause increased pain. Many people are given a prescription strength D supplement. I'd ask your doctor about that. Also, have you had your thyroid checked? I'm assuming your doctor has done all the routine blood tests to rule out other things. But low thyroid (your brittle nails) can also cause fibro-like symptoms.

You said you're seeing your family doctor. Have you seen a rheumatologist? Usually they are the ones who do all the testing to rule out other illnesses that mimic fibro, then give the diagnosis. Sorry for all the questions, but I just really wish I could help, and my mind was thinking of those other things. I hope for the best for you.
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