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Feb 23, 2013
british columbia
Hi everyone. I have inflammation of the muscles for over 30 yrs. The pain has increased as the weeks go by. The last five yrs. has been the worst. My Dr. has put me on morphine & a muscle relaxing medications.

It works for a few hours but comes back. I deal with this 24/7. I have had c-scans and said that some of the discs are not in order. My pain is in my neck which gives me head aches and the pain travels down my back, hips, and down my legs. Some history about me, I've had a liver transplant 3 years ago and I'm doing well, I also am a diabetic on insulin and have stage three kidney disease which is under control.

I keep active, curling three times a week, walk the dogs, and slow-pitch in the spring. I would like to talk with people that have the same issues and maybe some answers will help us.
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Hi Thomas, welcome. It sounds like you have a few more issues on top of Fibromyalgia. My heart goes out to you, it must be difficult to manage all of these. I'm inspired that you still keep active and play slow-pitch :)

Do you also have fibromyalgia?
Hi Janet, sorry that I didnt answer sooner. Fri. Feb. 22nd I saw a Neurosurgery Dr. & he said if he operated, it probably woulnt do much good & in fact it be worse. I saw my GP> today & I asked him if it could be fibromyalgia & his response was that it might be that. I keep running into a brick wall, no answers. Are you on any meds. for fibromyalgia & maybe let me know, I live one day at a time with my loving Wife, Sylvia by my side & it helps to have support. We live in British Columbia Canada, 65 miles East of Vancouver, where do you live if you dont mind me asking, Maybe drop me a line, hugs, Tom.
I'm not on anything specific for Fibromyalgia but I'm considering speaking with my doctor about Lyrica because I've heard quite a few positive reviews from people here on the forum. I live in Texas, if you look on the left of my post it shows where I'm from, it shows this for all the users of the site. There's a few people people from Canada I've noticed. From what I've read, it affects 1.2 million Canadians, so there's quite a few of you - it's just unfortunate we all seem to live so far from one another.

It's difficult to find a good doctor - it helps to get a diagnosis so that you can concentrate your focus on remedies, medications and therapies. But, you do want to make sure it's an accurate diagnosis.
Welcome to the forum Thomas, I think you have a good idea there in living one day at a time. Each day will be different as in some good and some bad, but we keep struggling along in hopes that the good will outlast the bad. I use over-the counter drugs for my pain, as well as, Neurontin 300mg. But it is the little things that help, having certain household items and avoiding too much stress, and spiritual help, that helps all of us who suffer manage on the bad days.

Hope your feeling better today and I am glad you found this forum. Maybe just coming here and sharing and reading other folks comments will give you more ideas on managing your pain and the depression that comes with it. :)
Hi Janet. We live just East of Vancouver. I had a great great Uncle that incorperated a town called Wickett texas many yrs. ago. I am just taking life one day at a time, I hope all is well with you. We go down to the States quite often. We were in Moui in Jan., Maybe drop us a line, hugs to all of us pain people.
Hugs and kisses and well wishes :) You live in British Columbia, a beautiful province. The mountains :) Does your fibro still allow you to still enjoy some of the good nature?
Hi Janet. We live in a valley surounded by mtns, & the views are fantastic. Regardless of the pain, I curl 3 times a week, do a lot of walking with our dogs, & next mon. ball. I refuse to just sit on the couch & watch TV all day, if I did that, I would seize-up. Excersise is almost the best medicine. Did you ever look up Wickett Texas on the map, take care & will wait for your reply, Hugs.
I'm a firm believer that your body can cure itself of anything with fasting and proper diet. I don't believe in medication, especially not from a conventional doctor. The meds that the doctors prescribe, are not designed to cure anything. If they did cure things, then the big pharmaceutical companies would go out of business.
I saw my Dr. today & he is sending me to a pain clinic, but not until Oct. & I have to get some blood work to see if I have fibro. I just know that I am in pain from head to toe, but I still do curling for another 2 weeks & then slow pitch for 5 mons. I live one day at a time, I feel that when you cry you cry alone, when you laugh, everybody laughs with you. No intent to anyone, Hugs to everyone, Tom., & also my Wife Sylvia is by my side which brings some comfort to me.
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