panic attacks.

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Mar 14, 2013
I know panic attacks are not corrolated to fybro. But I have heard through therapists that panic attacks can be the result of a phsical illness. It raises your stress level and can be an indirect result of certain inabilities or phsical disabilitys. Does anyone else have symptoms or full blown panic attacks?
I had many years battling with panic attacks. I was on meds to control them but eventually I learned to deal with them without the medication. I still get them once in a while when I feel particularly ill or in a high stress situation (like the Dentist ) I try to avoid things that might set me off like an overcrowded restaurant for instance.
I have never had a panic attack, but have had bouts of anxiety where I felt close to having a full-blown panic attack. Usually mine are brought on by high levels of stress or dealing with angry people, and by having my feelings hurt, or dealing with a scary emergency. I won't say fibro is related to panic attacks, but the symptoms brought on by fibro could cause panic attacks. As in breathing problems or painful muscles spasms in your chest either could cause someone prone to panic attacks to hypervenilate or think they were having a heart attack. I am not sure I answered your question. If not please give more details in your question. Okay. :)
It's funny because I actually logged on tonight because I am in the middle of trying to psych myself out of a panic attack... I have them frequently... And everytime I swear it feels like I'm dying. My mom used to call it an overactive imagination, but to me its always brought on because ofa pain I feel... Pain brings thoughts which bring panic for me!
You did help answer some questions 1sweed and thank-you. And the way you described some of the sypmtoms were right on target. For me it does almost feel like I am having a heart attack. Or sometimes I feel like I am going to pass out. And I do believe the pain and symptoms of fibro can be a backlash to panic attacks.

Suadela, I know for a fact this is not just an "overactive imagination." Yes pain does bring thoughts of panic which triggers a full blown panic attack. I cannot work in certain high stress jobs because of this. Nobody really knows just how real this feels unless they have been through it. It is utterly dibilitating.
I honestly don't get them THAT much maybe one every few months, but I still feel like it is a problem, because I don't know how to deal with the situation! I think as in full blown panic attacks I have only had two. One while driving in an unfamiliar area, and I was completely lost, and terrified because of all the traffic, and one last night.
Hi there :) I have had panic attacks for many years. I started getting them at 13. They are no fun, but I do use medication to help them.
Hi there :) I also get full blown panic attacks as well as constant anxiety. Im on meds now to help with them, but at times, it still doesn't help. The worst are the ones that wake me up at night, or refuse to let me fall asleep. When my body aches, and nothing will help....for some reason, that leads to anxiety and if I don't control it, a full blown attack.
Actually, you can have panic attacks that are related with the fibro, because with Fibro all of your nerves are hypersensitive, and most people don't get that restful sleep/REM if they have Fibro, so all of these things can cause Panic attacks/anxiety. Our bodies are out of wack, and each person who had Fibro has some of the same symptoms, and some have symptoms that are not common with all fibro patients, but that does not mean it is not related to the Fibro, just like many Fibro patients have co-existing chronic fatique syndrome, but not all.

Well I came close to a doozy today.
Got to work. Fine. No more than my usual morning grumbles.
My friend and colegue came in at nine and my desk is right outside his always open office door. For some unusual reason he's wearing cologne. Not just a dab but to me smells like he's bathed in the stuff. I tried to ignore it but I ended up having a major allergic reaction to it. Instant headache, my nasal membranes felt dipped in acid then the choking cough. If that wasn't bad enough my face started puffing up and my eyes looked like I'd gone three rounds with Mike Tyson! So of course I start to get that panicked feeling bubbling up. Dashed outside just to get air into my lungs but when I came in it seemed the smell was even stronger. Maybe I should have gone home but hubby set up my laptop at the other end of the building in his office just so I could carry on. I took a reactine hoping it would calm the allergy symptoms. I think it did a bit. Mr stinky left and came back about half hour later. He'd gone and washed off the worst of the smell allowing me to return to my desk. Luckily I'd managed to get the panic almost back in check but I could feel it lingering ready to strike at any moment till I got home and could relax stink free.
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twiztc, it may be time to talk to your company's HR folks about a fragrance-free environment if you're having such strong allergic reactions! Here in the US it can actually be required by the ADA in some cases.
It is an unusual occurrence. It pretty much is scent free. I think the rest may think twice after seeing the state of me today anyway. I was even surprised by it as I have never had a reaction that bad before
I never had panic attacks. However, when my illness was at it's peak, I would not leave the house. Like others mentioned, if I got a whiff of someone wearing cologne or walk through the cleaning section of a supermarket, I would almost feel like fainting. My legs would get weak and I would feel as if I were going to pass out.

I suffered more from the frustration that I wanted to get out of the house and do things. I just could not. I think that some might mistake it for agoraphobia, but believe me, it is certainly not that. We want to get out and do things. But when you are weak like that, you find out that you had best stay home, for fear of fainting. All I can say is, that it will pass. Given time, it will pass. Just keep exercising, juicing and taking care of yourself. get rid of any and all chemical cleaners in your home. work on your immune system. work on your 'gut'.
I have found that more sleep seems to be helping me lately. I just feel like the fuzzy brain thing is going away the more sleep I get. The only thing waking me up has been the pain in my right hip. But I have been sleeping better. And so far no panic attacks lately. Iam sure my stress level has alot to do with it too.

Twiztc, I am so sorry to hear about your reaction. That is scary, and I know how you feel. The urge of the flight or fight that those of us with panic attacks know so well. I really hope you are feeling better. And that maybe your situation at work can improve and make it more comfortable for you.
Yes! I do have panic attacks. And my Dr's have told me it is a result of pain. It might be pain and the thought of having pain all the time that can set you into panic mode. Fibromyalgia is a sneaky thing.
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