Pimp my wheels to freedom


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Sep 15, 2023
It has come to my point in my journey that I need assistance with walking aids. This is something I've been extremely resistant to for a while now. My tumor-induced osteomalacia (TIO) just laughed as it continued to weaken my muscles in my legs, my hips, gluteus, and hands. My walking was painful and unsafe. My big goals were taking the dogs for a walk, hiking in the woods, and even managing to ride in the car for day trips tracking down beautiful sights and fantastic BBQ. Because my tumor hasn't been found yet, I'll still have problems with phosphorus wasting. The extra challenge is it has caused my Fibromyalgia to be relentless and the TIO doubles up as there are some symptoms that overlap.

So, here I am embracing the ridiculous and getting over myself with my pride. If I want to get to my goals, I need to start where I'm at. That includes letting my husband push me in a wheelchair for doctor appointment and tests, using a cane, and now using a walker with wheels brakes and seat. This is where I am at the moment, but it doesn't mean I'll always be here. I need to start somewhere.

My dear friend and I were talking and I told her about my embarrassment, people looking and also not wanting pity being young and using these tools. She was amazing! She basically told me to get over myself. It's where I'm at and I need it. It doesn't mean forever. If I continue what I was doing, I would continue to slide down hill.

That phone call really helped me shift my perspective. During it we planned all the ways I could decorate my new ride. If people are going to look, may as well make them smile, laugh and bring a little light into their life. I had a mission now to "pimp my wheels to freedom" aka decorate my new walker. We talked about streamers on the handlebars, cup holder, I said I wanted a bell, she said horn, then said "why can't you have both?" Amazon shopping to the rescue.

I purchased some funny badges, patches, handlebar streamers, horn and bell. While decorating my wheels to freedom I was able to embrace it more. This is where I'm at, it's now where I'm staying. Focus on the path forward, not the tool. I still have a few more items I'm waiting on being delivered, but have had fun with the process so far. Embracing the ridiculous has helped, and to not take myself so serious. It is what it is at the moment. Keep pushing forward.