Places to Wear your Spiderman Costume after Halloween

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Jul 9, 2013
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As you begin to stock up on your Halloween essentials like candy, party supplies and spooky accessories, remember that there is one question you need to ask yourself before buying your actual cheap bunny costumes; that is, “what are you going to do with it after Halloween?” In my eyes, no one would like to put their costumes which are picked from so many good ones in their bottom of the chest. You’re going to want to wear it more than once. So let us talk about when to wear it that might justify the extra dough. Here are a few ideas for chances to wear your costume after Halloween. Theme party is a little obvious but it happens to be the best chance you’re going to get to wear your costume in a controlled environment. Photo Bombs is also one of the greatest unsung potentials of a quality Costume lies in your ability to turn any casual photo taken by innocent strangers into an epic moment captured with a Superhero. You also can have your own special party to enjoy yourself.
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Not sure what this is all about but we can turn it humorous. Where to use that costume when it's purpose has been fulfilled?
1. Put it on and walk around your house, inside and outside just to make your neighbors wonder about you.
2. Wear it to your next family meeting, it is sure to irrate and family member who is giving you a hard time.
3. Surprize your husband and wear it to bed.
4. Get the children to play hide and seek, and you seek them. Provide treats afterwards to calm them down.
5. Hang it on the wall for a decoration.

Now it's your turn, what would you do with that old costume?
i'd wear mine to work, half of them think i'm crazy any way...this would sooo cement that opinion..Wonder Woman or Zena warrior Princess?
I would wear it to bed and see if my husband even noticed! He is suffering himself right now, pretty self involved.
I didn't expect to see this type of a question here but we can roll with it. How about you wear it to your child's birthday party and surprise all the kids as spiderman? I'm sure that they would love the surprise. Or you could get a job as an exterminator and wear the costume while you kill various insects including spiders. Ha-ha.
Okay then! haha. I don't dress up, but my kids of course do- they wear their old costumes all the time for 'dramatic play' !
I still think a spidey costume would make fine comfy jammies! I would be obligated to have grandkids over on such an occasion but that would we fun, too. Unless they started fighting and then I would banish them from my slumber party---oh heck, I really wouldn't but I might open the vodka bottle!
Well, I guess I could try to get kinda creative with it and maybe use it as pijamas at night, from time to time ;) I could use it more often, depending on my boyfriends reaction. Who knows? He might be into role playing? :p I could never know... I guess I could try and see his reaction :p
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