Question about pain (private parts)

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May 3, 2013
I was wondering if anyone else has pain in their private parts? (Vagina and anus) This isn't all the time but comes and goes as electrical zaps similar to what I get elsewhere. It can be sudden and very painful causing me to jump and curse. I am in the process of being diagnosed but have been told there is a 90% chance it is fibro.
it sounds like fib...when i first was diagnosed i had pain almost in every part of my body incling private parts
I have not experienced any zapping pain in these areas. I do know that at times I have problems with my bowel movements. And in turn it has caused hemmaroid issues. So my back side can be very painful in that respect. I am wondering if speaking with a gynecologist may help you. It does sound like it is painful for you and I do hope you find relief from these issues. Iam not sure if it is a fibro related symptom or not. But it never hurts to keep asking questions and try to understand what is happening with your body.
TinaL, I have not personally had this, but a friend of mine in Florida did. She also had intercourse problems do to tight muscle problems and dryness. It was a real hardship for her because her husband did not understand and thought she was faking the whole fibro illness. I would say be sure and ask your doctor for there are certain meds that can help with these muscle zap spasms. :)
I have had a zapping kind of pain in my private parts and other places on my body but mine aren't usually to painful and never last long. They can be like a throbbing pain also and I get an ache that throbs in my body that is sometimes in my private parts too. I have an ache in my arm right now that has been throbbing away for about an hour now. Not a strong pain but very nagging and can wear me down at times. The throbbing aches seem to last the longest. I hope you find some answers soon and don't forget to share if you find out what can be done to relieve it.
Thank you to everyone who replied. My husband and I have not had intercourse in the past year due to pain but last month we were on a 1 week holiday and decided to try and see how much I could do/handle. That was not good,severe pain/tightness in private parts and other areas so that activity is on hold for now. I am lucky that my hubby is understanding and he said that we will just do what we can. I am hopeful that we can someday return to this activity.
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