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Jun 20, 2013
I get a lot of pain in my rib cage area. This is just one area that bothers me, of course. I do get pain on both sides here and there. But it is mostly on one side. Why might this be?
This just happened to me yesterday. It was so weird. Shooting pain so bad that I could barely breathe, and no reason for it! I have a lot of other physical things going on with my body right now though too. And high stress.

I wonder if sometimes wires get crossed in our bodies. My understanding with my IBS is that sensations other may feel just as pressure or maybe they don't even feel at all, I feel as pain.
My place of weird pain is my right kidney. It hurts like heck! To me, it feels swollen but the husband and the doctor see nothing out of order. It hurts most in the shower when I have to stand so long. Usually, I have to sit on the side of the tub. Today I had a miracle shower where I did not sit down and I got it all done with limited pain.
Showers are hard for me now. I take fewer than I used to but don't worry, I don't perspire at all. Not much foolin' around either so I am pretty fresh with three showers a week!
Uck cinderr, I'm sorry.

It would be pretty bad to have kidney pain. I had a UTI once and it was bad, so I can kind of picture how awful it would be.
I experienced a really odd pain in that area a while ago, sometimes this area bothers me a little, but it had never bothered me so much! I have never asked doctor what could that be, to be honest I'm afraid it could be something really bad. I'm not even worried about that anymore tho :) I haven't experienced that pain ever since, so I think it's not necessary for me to check with the doctor... it's not like I don't have enough doctor appointments already (I will be completely free after january).
Thanks. It is solid pain too, not the flighting kind we often get. This one sticks around. Just add it to my list of complaints:)
Thanks, today it was really riled up. I could scarcely walk all day. I forced myself to go to the store but it was not fun. It just hurt so bad, even after three vicodin. I wonder what it could be? It is def right on my right kidney.
I have terrible pain in both my sides all along my rib cage wrapping all the way around to my spine. It hurts to breathe in, and to touch it is unbearable. It almost feels like something is inside me, trying to get out.

I get a lot of pain in my rib cage area. This is just one area that bothers me, of course. I do get pain on both sides here and there. But it is mostly on one side. Why might this be?
Hi there, there is a condition called costochondritis, which is inflamation in the muscle linings of the chest wall and rib cage. It is often found in fibro patients. Try using a heating pad on low to med heat held against your chest. Be sure to wear a teeshirt or something to protect your skin.

Another idea is to have a family member help you, by heating wet cloths in the micro-wave making them warm, but not to hot to pick up. You lay down on your bed with a heavy dry towel on your chest area and lay the hot wet cloth on top of the towel. The hot wet cloth will help draw out the pain and the towel helps protect your body and skin. Be sure to wear a tee shirt as well. As the cloths cool off put them back in the micro-wave and reheat. With the help of someone else it works better because your not moving around re-irrating the painful areas.

This method in combination with taking pain medications helps heal the problem faster then just the heating pad. Just make sure the cloths are rung out well and placed on top of the thick dry towel. Hope you feel better soon. :)
Thanks for the information. I was wondering about Costochondritis too. I had learned about it just recently. I will talk to my doctor But in the meantime I will try some of the remedies people have suggested. That will be most helpful.
If you have swelling probably Tietze syndrome if not probably costochondritis. I suffer myself and my specialist gave me a depo med steriod injection. Cleared up in week although can come back. I believe it is common n people with fibromyalgia.
This was really interesting to read because this is something that my husband is going through right now. His doctor doesn't seem to have any explanation and he is afraid of lab testing and such as he is also a Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor and is scared to death that someone will tell him that he has cancer again.
I have this also on right side and goes up to shoulder at times..i use a topcal pain product there and had therapy on it..do stretches for it..and low moist heat..i got so bad once my spine locked with it...but a therapist got spine moving again..

I had read about cartilage pulling away from bone but not sure if thats real or not
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