Risk Factors for Fibromyalgia

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Jan 20, 2013
Central Visayas
Hi, guys.

What are the risk factors for fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia doesn't have as many risk factors as other syndromes and diseases simply because so much is unknown. There are three main ones that are:

  1. Being female (occurs much more often in females)
  2. Having a family history of fibromyalgia
  3. If you have a history of rheumatic diseases (arthritis, lupus)
Darn. Looks like I could possibly suffer from this condition in the future. My mother has been diagnosed, so that would be the genetics part. I am also female. I would hate to go through what you all go through, it is such a challenge. I give credit to those who are dealing with the frustrating symptoms of FIBRO, especially those who feel like no one understands or believes them. My mom's doctor didn't believe her in the beginning either and she ended up having to get a second opinion... well, more like a third opinion.
I am new to this site, I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia in September, 2011. None of my family members have ever had this. I asked my neurologist what could of caused this and he said he believes it is caused by stress and very physical work. At the time I was working in a job that was very physically demanding and had been for 27 years. I filed for a worker's comp disability based on my fibromyalgia and at the moment it is being approved and so I am awaiting some very good news this week. Worker's comp did send me for a second opinion and that doctor asked me if I had ever had an MRI of the brain done to rule out other possibilities. Never heard of that before from my own doctor and any other possibility must of been ruled out as I have now been told my claim is being approved.

I think this condition is so new and there is so much research to be done. There could be several reasons for the condition that doctors are not aware of yet.
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I know one person on this forum has had fibromyalgia for 16 years, but I agree, it's new enough to have left a lot of doctors in the dark. Insurance claims and disability can be an uphill battle without a committed doctor in tow. Part of the problem is the diagnosis, like you've said, ruling other things out first, which takes time.

I hope you get the good news you're after; working a regular shift is all but impossible for me these days and I'm on disability leave, but that runs out soon and I'm not sure what to do.

Research is being done, I'm not sure what would cause this - drinking water, environment, stress, all of it's bad on a body.
I don't think its that new really. It used to be called Soft Tissue Arthritis......or Rheumatism...... in the past.
It's true research into its causes is new though. Its one of those things they would just say ....this condition is not understood....
My Mum probebly has it although its not diagnosed. She has Rheumatoid Arthritis.
I'm one of 9 and no one else has it. I do think there is a strong connection to toxicity over time.... My brother is caeliac. I'm not but my symptoms have improved a lot since replacing various foods with safe ones, including wheat.
I have 3 adult children. None of them have it. Although my eldest did have a rheumatic condition when he was 6. All 3 seems to be sensitive to foods now though. My daughter has been dairy intolerant since being a baby (plus some other allergies). My sons have all developed dairy intolerance in their late 20's.
It obviously doesn't follow that just because a parent has it that children will.
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I was diagnosed in 2004 having to go privet, but they said i have had M.E and Fibro sine i was 18 i am now 36. So a long time. My 16 year old daughter as CFS so i feel she as some symptoms of Fibro but i don't want her stuck with the diagnosis she can function ok at the moment so putting it of. She had meningitis at seven and it all stems from there. I am looking in to foods at the moment that help. they have me doing Physio and Hydrotherapy with i fel is much to late but going with it any way
I have a girlfriend that was in a bad car accident, she recovered, was fine for 6 months and then woke up one morning with terrible shooting pains. Here we are almost three years later and they continue. Very strange what can bring the onset of Fibro, and stranger yet how it can come on like a tidal wave but then never go away.

I hope your daughter only get's better, or better able to cope - some people don't get worse, some get better - I try to stay optimistic :)
I do think that if you have a family member with it your chances of getting it are increased but not certain. You're right in saying it's not a new condition, just re-labeled. In my grandmothers day they called it fibrisitis (don't know how to spell it) either that or misdiagnosed all together like in the case of my mother.
My own case I have gradually got worse over the ten plus years I've been diagnosed. The same happened to my mum to the point she spent most of her time catatonic and when she was awake she coulnt go anywhere without being in a wheelchair. But over the last five years she has seen some improvement. She's more awake and as long as it's not too far she can do her shopping just using her crutches.
so there is always hope.
So I hope that the medical profession and the science boffins can make some headway into this condition and find a way to make us all feel better if only a bit
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