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Apr 20, 2013
Ive been fighting for a few years now to get on s.s.i for my Fibromyalgia. Can anyone recommend a gd Lawyer in Wisconsin that is familiar with Fibro and can help me? PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>> im at my wits end and am all out of will power to fight this.

I don't have a recommendation for a specific person. However, I d have a recommendation for getting a referral:

1) Contact your local bar association. That can be at the state level, county level, and in some larger metro areas there's even a city bar association. Many will have referral systems that can refer you to a lawyer specializing in SSD/SSI cases.

2) Ask other lawyers who do NOT specialize in SSD/SSI who they have heard of. In my case, I got a referral to my lawyer from my mother-in-law's Estate lawyer. Even if you haven't personally used a lawyer, you may have a friend who has who can get a referral for you. Lawyers network like crazy.

3) Look at National firms: Binder & Binder, Allsup, etc.

I'm not sure what the difference is, lawyer wise, between SSD and SSI cases are, but in a SSD case your payment will be 25% of your first SS check, which will include a certain amount of back payments. The max they can take, without special authorization from SSD is $6,000 OR 25%, whichever is LESS.
The local Social Sercuity office can give you a list of lawyers that they allow. There are many lawyers that will do the cases, but the ones approved by SS are not allowed to take anymore of your money then what the SS office allows. That way you are protected from getting ripped off. That is how I found my lawyer to handle my case.

Getting SSD is harder then getting SSI. The difference being SSD is what you earned if you have enough work credits built up to even qualifity for it. But SSI, is a state based program, based on your income or lack of enough work credits. It usually takes a long time to win SSD. You have to keep appealing when they turn you down. And they will turn you down several times hoping you will give it up and go back to work. But if you keep filling out the paperwork and appealing, you will work up to the point of going before a judge. He will make the final decision on your case.
Hope this helps you. Any more questions let us know. By the way welcome to the forum. :)
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