Sam-e Or Resveratrol?

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Feb 9, 2013
I'm wondering if anyone has tried Sam-e or Resveratrol for FMS? A friend of mine recommended both.. so I've been reading a bit online about them.

Sam-E is short for S-adenosyl methionine.
What exactly is it? I haven't heard of either.
Sam-e is officially known as S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine, and it's supposed to help with depression and generalized pain like FMS sufferers go through. I started taking it last Friday, and I think it's helping. Doesn't take all the pain away, but it's decreasing it. Unfortunately one bad effect is increased urination so now I'm getting up at night to go to the bathroom, which sucks. But, so far it's worth it.

Resveratrol is made from veggies like blueberries and has the dark red wine substance that is supposed to help longevity and health and has antioxidants. I haven't tried it yet, but will this week, I have some mail-ordered.

I won't post any links 'cause there are lots of results on Google for both these things.

I've decided not to try the Cymbalta my doc prescribed, I want to try some alternative things first, see what help I can get without the big guns.
I've been taking the Sam-e for over a week now... and last weekend I realized that it was making me super cranky! Mainly, I was experiencing a ton of anger. My patience was thin and I didn't feel well. While it's helping my FMS pain, it was messing with my emotions.

So I've dropped my dosage from 600mg a day, to 200mg a day, and I can feel myself leveling off now. I'm not angry anymore and I'm still feeling a touch better. It's not making the pain go completely away, but it does seem to help. And, I need to be patient and give it time, and adjust as I go along. I am so much one of those Instant Gratification people who just wants a cure NOW! :p
So resveretrol sounds like a homyopathic drug. I am all for that as opposed to synthetic drugs. I tend to have horrible side effects with most medications. So this sounds like it may be well worth it. I am not sure about the dark red wine substance though. Is there a signifigant amount of actual alcohol in this?

It sounds like you are doing better now. And I am glad for you. I here you about the instant gratification thing. I am the same way.
Resveratrol is the dark wine substance, I believe. I get mine through 1/2 of a glass of red wine most nights (Yeeeees, the doctor knows!). I drink the wine to help keep my liver from dumping glucose overnight so that I don't wake up with higher blood sugar than when I go to bed. The higher alcohol content the better in my case as it means less sugar in the wine. Resveratrol that comes in pill form wouldn't have alcohol. It actually comes frm the skin of the grape, not the wine process, I believe.
It's known that the resveratrol has almost fully olimerized in red wine to a plethora of its 100 or so different natural products. The amount free resveratrol left in red wine to give legit benefits, coupled with the fact that it has horrid bioavailability, you will be very far beyond dead for any useful amount of resveratrol to make it through your digestion system.
Ah, well. It still helps my blood glucose levels, which is the bigger concern.
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