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tiny blonde

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Mar 10, 2013
Hi, I've had fibro for almost 20 years but wasn't diagnosed until 12 years ago. I've just retired from a business I conducted in my home (no commuting issues), and relocated to another part of the country. I am exhausted, so tired, most of the time. In my fantasies about what retirement would be like, living in the sunny South, I somehow omitted the fact of my fibro, and looked forward to being very active. Now that I'm here and reality has set in, I'm quite depressed and discouraged about my physical limitations. I'm 75 and had hoped to be busy and active for quite a while longer, but I'm becoming almost an invalid, and this is hard to take, as many of you may know from your own experience. I'm here for support and encouragement and understanding. Thanks.
Hey there, tiny blonde,

Welcome to the forum. Just the words you said about needing support and encouragement is what brings lots of folks to this forum and the comfort shared with and through other members is what helps you to fit in and find tips and ideas, on dealing with fibro.

I hope you will visit often and read others questions and the answers, and find some answers that will make your life easier. I look forward to reading your posts and helping to answer your questions. And getting to know you through the things you write.

So come on in and feel at home. Relax and take time to say hello and get to know us as better. Hope to see you around the forum. :)
Hi tiny blonde. If nothing else I've found this place to be very supportive
it a place where I can bash out my woes to people who truly understand what I'm going through. That for me is the biggest help of all.
So welcome to you.
Is there a daily dialogue going on at this site that you would recommend for me? About how good days alternate with bad days? When I'm having a bad day, I tend to forget that it's only one day, and that tomorrow might be much better. I need to be reminded. I'm also dealing with issues of aging, so my vision and my memory are both somewhat clouded, and that sure makes for depression!
Everyone kind of picks a spot to post an opinion or ask questions. While there are several different areas to do this I would suggest you visit the first section which is General Discussions on Fibro, it is visited most often and dialogues are ongoing in this area.
Next if your having a bad day we have the Moan, Complain, and Vent section. Go ahead and rant that is what it is for.
Third, I started a friendly get together spot under Tea Time and Pub. called Good day To You All. You are most welcome to post there as it is visited every day.

I see your from Florida. I lived in Fl., for 24 years. I was in SW Fl, a small town called LaBelle. So a southern welcome would be "Ya all is welcome here." I had a friend from another country once ask me what Ya all, meant. I said just what it says "you all are welcome here." lol
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