Shakes anyone?

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Feb 3, 2013
Note the strawberry or chocolate kind mores the pity but bodily shakes.

I find on occasion I can get very bad shakes and tremors. sometimes its more internal like having butterflies. sometimes its very visable. but the odd thing to me is it tends to be more apparent on one side of my body, usually the right. today was quite bad. When i was eating my lunch it kept making it difficult for me to put the food into my mouth without dropping it.
Do any of you have shakes, one sided or otherwise?
I usually associate that feeling with low blood sugar. This really is an issue that you should look into. have you ever had your sugar tested? I would definetly get a glucose meter and check to see where your levels are at next time this happens. And also keep high protein snacks with you, or mini-chocolates. But most definetly go see your doctor.
My mom gets the shakes /all the time/ and she hasn't figured out what's causing them. It's bad, because she's diabetic as well as having fibro. She'll check her blood sugar because she thinks she's low, but she's not.

Myself, since switching over to the gabapentin, I've been getting some pretty serious lows.
I've been checked for sugar levels periodically and it's always ok. Maybe I'll ask my doc to check again next time I'm in. Thanks guys
I get them a lot and have stopped worrying about it as much as I did in my early days. Doctor just called it tremors that were not related to Parkinsons or MS, and there was no treatment. Sometimes it can be blood sugar lows, but not necessarly caused by medication. Most times it is a food or drink issue. Being dehydrated can cause the shakes, just because we are not drinking enough. Food types can bring on problems however, if you are diabetic or have other health issues like thyroid or allergies.

It is always good to ask your doctor and have your bloodwork checked for any abnormal readings. See how it goes. Just being under constant stress can cause the shakes. Hope you feel better. :)
I've been checked for sugar levels periodically and it's always ok. Maybe I'll ask my doc to check again next time I'm in. Thanks guys

The problem with your doctor checking them is that they can only check what they are right that minute while you're there with a spot-test, or what your 3-month average has been with an HbA1C test - and of course, that means averaging highs and lows!

Depending on where you are you can usually get a meter with 15 free strips or so relatively cheap. Some larger drug stores, and WalMart even sell their own brands.
I prefer the strawberry shakes, but get the bodily ones too. I have a sugar testing unit, and my results came back normal every time I tested.

Some other possible causes for the shakes could be: medicinal side effects, low blood pressure, n nervous disorder, tension, a drop in body temperature, blood loss, exertion or even mineral shortages.

Mine usually are caused by low blood pressure. Though in your case it could be something else.
I love that you can still have humor it really inspires me. I have never had the shakes but that does not mean tat it is not possible for you. Every body works differently.
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