Short term memory?

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Oct 29, 2013
I used to have a photographic memory and now I can't remember what I did an hour ago. My memory is literally gone. Anyone else have CRS(can't remember sword) going on?
Yes my memory is so bad, my Family always tells me that I already saw that movie. I never even recall watching it though. I have to ask them to come with me to rent a movie, because I will keep renting things I have already seem over and over again. When I go shopping I don't remember some of the foods l like and I have to ask my Husband " Do I like this or not" Although some days are better then others.
My memory is terrible as well, but I was actually told by one of my docs that this could be due to some damage to my nervous system (I don't want to talk about the exact cause of that damage over here). I had always had issues with my memory since I was a young girl, so bad I'd forget where x shop was or where I parked the car. I had several scans done... no tumors, lesions or anything. I had the worse brain fog, but I could remember things that happened in the past... now I just can't. It's like they cut a big chunk of my memory.
It's depressing that's for sure. I Feel Like I'm Running around with no clue what i'm doing.
My memory is really bad. I often can't remember if I brushed my teeth in the morning or took my pills. Sometimes I can't tell you what I did 10 seconds ago. I'm forgetting words a lot too. It is another reason why I'm not reading well. I'll forget what happened a couple of chapters ago. Sigh.
Same thing happens to me, I have to keep restarting the book.
The pain and fatigue suck, but the fog and memory issues really gnaw at my core. Two years ago I was a highly functioning administrator at a university. Now i have to read simple articles multiple times to make sense of them, can't remember words, forget where I'm going... Some days are worse than others.
Loftpat, I was the office manager at a mental health clinic 2 years ago, and I did a great job! There is no way I'd survive even one day at that job now. Half of that job was proof reading what the psychologist and therapists wrote, between charts, letters to lawyers, or psychological tests. I had to pay very close attention to detail. I loved doing it as it was really fascinating. Now I can hardly even read the news! Every once in a while I'll actually understand what I just read, and that's one of the best feelings! So I understand your pain - isn't it so strange to think back on our previous lives when we could function at a normal to high level? I feel like I'm thinking of a different person, not myself.
It's depressing that's for sure. I Feel Like I'm Running around with no clue what i'm doing.

Sorry, I meant this: ''it seems they cut a chunk of my memories and replaced them with a blank space in my mind''. It's tough! I had this since I was young, my mom worried a lot. No is worse, but I try to stay positive ;-) Have you tried taking any kind of supplement for that? My mom says her Ginko Biloba supplement has done wonders for her!
No I haven't tried anything for it yet. I will have to try some of that.
Sidera, losing "me" was so difficult. There are days when I still stumble and weep, but they are fewer. Like when the weather is perfect to hike up the mountain so I take a long walk instead and pay for it in spades the next day. Sigh. It is comforting to know I am not alone. Thanks.
I have such a hard time explaining to my family about my memory loss. There has literally been times where I get so frustrated I'm reduced to tears. I also have a hard time speakling and getting my thoughts together. Even writing this post I'm having trouble. I can't remember things that happened 10 seconds ago but I can remember things that happened a year ago.
Yeah Links, my memory is completely shot.

I have multiple white boards (dry erase boards) over the house to write things on to remember them. My mom writes things I need to remember on them as well. That has semi helped tho.
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A number of things can do this. Depression eats away at memory; so does alcoholism, anxiety disorders, etc. I don't know what to blame my memory loss on at this point LOL. I just have to laugh it off or I end up frustrated and feeling worse about life.
I can remember things that happened about 30 years ago. But I can hardly remember what happened yesterday or last week.
Then on top of all of that, I can stay focused for more than 20 minutes.
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