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May 5, 2013
.Hi my names Katie, I'm new to this so bare with me....*
back in 2010 I was rear ended by a bad driver... I was on the highway going 65 and she was doing 85+.... That's when the pain in my neck, low back, and shoulder started... Then in 2011 I was rear ended again, this time I was at a dead stop waiting to turn left and a young boy hit me doing 40... Totaled my car, there was no more back seat, and my drivers seat broke... Absolutely terrifying... That second accident made my current pains worse and also created new pains that radiate down both legs and arms...

*Over the last few years I've seen many Dr's. Some believe me, some don't, some say they can help and some say they can't... I can't seem to get the right medical attention anywhere.... And I'm just about ready to give up because it's exhausting trying g to find help. Maybe it might just be easier if I pretend I'm fine? Oh wait I already try to do that on a daily basis so people don't think I'm a cry baby. Inside I'm dying....

.*I just started seeing a new pain management Dr a couple months ago, I'm not sure how I feel about her yet..However she seems better than the last one who almost landed me in the hospital for over use of opiates... Stupid Dr- she was a quack.*Anyways i have an appointment I've been waiting for for a few months already for a rheumatologist.... I've heard you really do think get help until you see that type of Dr for some reason..I was wondering if anyone has any similar stories or advice for me.... I'm desperate for help, advice, and even a friend who understand and what I'm going through..... I've lost so many friends over the last few years... Guess you don't know who your real friends are until something happens....

.*Anyways...*I'm experiencing neck pain from bulging and herniated disc's, they also tell me I still have whiplash because I was hit so badly twice with no real healing time..*I have minor bulges and degenerating disc's in my lower back....*I have/had (it healed separated because they didn't catch it until 3 months after the accident) a separated ac joint on my left shoulder from the seat belt...*I've got tingling in my finders and toes intermittently*Electric shocks in both hands and all Fingers intermittently. Sometimes I get the electric shocks in my legs...*My left leg hurts much worse than my right leg... To the point where I once asked my one Dr to amputate it but she wouldn't obviously.....*My Muscles ache so badly I can't move sometimes....*

My back swells. It also gets very hot when I have moderate to severe pain... When it gets hot I develope a rash.... Kind of... My new Dr seems to think that I've burned myself with my heating pad, but this rash/ red pattern comes and goes when my skin gets hot from the pain.... I've actually laid off the heating pad not using it for almost a month now and I still get the red pattern when my skin is hot. And I'm not talking just hot or warm, but scalding hot... To the point that my boyfriend won't even lay next tome because I'm so hot it's uncomfortable.....*
I have twitches and muscle spasms also....*I'm sure I'm missing stuff but that's the big pain problems.

I should mention the only diagnosis I have thus far is my bulging and herniated disc's and whiplash. I had a neurologist say that I have nerve damage but other Dr's have tried to ignore that.... The new pain Dr seems to o be thinking fibro but won't officially say anything.

*FYI I've been researching fibro and associated health issues, I should inform your also have neuro cardio genic syncope, low blood pressure, and also a mass in my pituitary gland that gets monitored yearly. I mention this because I have read some things about something called Pots and also have read that cortisol levels can affect pain levels, and mine have been known to be slightly elevated...*My mother's family has a history of many autoimmune issues as well. And my mom has had RSD in her right foot for 15+ years from a drunk driver hitting her......

*Does anybody have any advice for me or any words of wisdom?*I'm just feeling so alone lately and don't know what else to do...*If not, I at least thank you for taking the time to read my story......
Katie darlin you are not alone I promise you especially the temperature regulation issues as I have the same issues. The rash is probably due to when you get overheated. Heat rashes are not uncommon with me I keep a fan on me at all times. When I get cold I throw on a cover and when I get heated again I throw off the cover and let the fan. Blow until my body suddenly feels like I have frostbite all of a sudden. So as you can guess I do this all day long. I wish I could say more to help with how you feel but am dealing with many of the same issues you are and am still doing the doctor bouncing thing. But I am sure you will find as I have that we are not alone. Read through the threads here and join in the discussions it will help

Thank you. Really. I just wish these Dr's could just figure out what's wrong. I just saw another one yesterday who said they think I may have arthritis in my neck... One says maybe fibro. Another says it's all in my head. And another said I would need surgery 5-10 years down the road... I'm in my mid 20s, I just can't accept not knowing what's wrong.... I need to know what's going on, esp before I start having children in the next few years, if I even can with my other health issues... This weekend was especially hard, my boyfriend and his son wanted to go to a local camp ground and hike through caves and such... I felt terrible because I was having a bad flare up and I was the reason we couldn't go. I felt so bad that I had to let them down. He knows I can't always be superwoman, but I feel bad he has to put up with all of this also. Thank god he is patient and understanding....

I often try to remind myself you only go through what you can handle... But I'm really struggling with all of this.

Thank you again for letting me know I'm not alone.... My mom is a daily reminder that I'm not alone about pain and feeling down about everything, she's one of the few reasons I keep battling and pushing forward...
Katie, have you had an MRI? If not, ask your pain management doctor to order one.

I had an MRI a couple of years ago, and it revealed more than an x-ray ever could. It stopped doctors' piddling around with the most ineffective treatments they could dream up and legitimized my need for aggressive pain management.

It also snapped doctors' out of the tendency to seek one source for my pain issues. Now they are willing to admit that arthritis in my neck, the ruptured disks, and the osteophytes growing into my spinal canal are all involved in my pain and muscle spasms.

BTW, if you have had an MRI and I missed your saying so in your initial post, I apologize. I am sort of foggy today. It is supposed to rain and my brain is all haywire! LOL!
Yes I've had a few over the last few years lol. And two Dr's recently stated they wanted to do another mri soon to see the progression.... Problem is no fault will fight tooth and nail to not pay for the new mri.... Lol
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