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Cheryl Ann

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Aug 20, 2015
Hi All,
Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all day. It was a lazy day of sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. My lil bro and his wife stayed with us over the weekend and I hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. It was a super fun weekend!
Today, I got up and lazed around for a few hours before taking a shower. When I got out, I noticed that I have a leopard-like rash on my belly. Its now been about 40 minutes and it is starting to itch. I've called my GP and got in to see his PA for this afternoon.
I wanted to go to the pool today but in good conscience, I can't. What if this rash is contagious?
I was looking online for an image of the rash and none are quite right but there was one that looked kind of close, so I clicked on the visit page tab. Guess where it took me? Fibromyalgia and rashes! It didn't say if it was contagious.
Has anyone else had this type of rash?
Well, I got into see the PA and he said it is a fungal infection probably from sweating, which I'm sure I did while sleeping all day. He called it tinea corporis or in other words, ringworm. How gross! I have to remind myself that people with Fibromyalgia have messed up immune systems and can't fight off simple superficial skin infections.
That is why we are susceptible to so many different types of skin conditions. Does anyone else have any skin conditions?
I have constant dry skin on my face and hands that comes and goes and threatens to turn into excema if i don't use pure cleansing and moisturizers. When i am stressed and my body temperature is high it tries to break out pricking itching and burning.

I had lovely skin until 18months ago and have taken care of it all my life no wrinkles or crows feet at 55 but stress has taken its toll and i have lost that healthy glow.

Have you got some cream to help the rash Cheryl Ann...oh and your weekend sounds fun.
Hi Willow,
Yep. The doc gave me a prescription for 0
Ketoconazole. It's somewhat "related" to Flagyl, which I am highly allergic to but the pharmacist just said to keep a close eye on it. I don't think it will really be a problem. I have to keep a positive attitude so things don't get worse. I have always been a "worry wart", but I think I've improved some over the years.
Yes i think we worry warts are the ones that get fibro while the I couldn't care less types sail through life.

Ha Ha back to the nan was a sensitive perfectionist worry wart passed to my dad..... my mum grew like my dad in a very close marriage and hey ho little old me got the full quota...funnily enough my brother missed the gene and is pretty care free.....and not at all perfectionist.... kind but not super sensitive.

We joke about how come i got all the problem genes as he is older than me and in great health.
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