Snap, Crackle, Pop: Scary Sounds in Bad Places

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Apr 30, 2013
There are days and even weeks where moving my head sounds like someone firing a rifle. I can feel the vertebrae shifting in the back of my throat. My doctor does not seem all that worried, but it is scary, just the same.

Every once in a while my husband gets this horrified look on his face, then asks "was that your neck?"

Yes, you can hear it a couple of feet away!

The expressions on the faces of strangers makes me laugh, sometimes, but deep down inside I am afraid that, one day, I'll hear that sound and end up paralyzed.

Does your body make odd sounds during flares? If so, what are they?
My body make lots of weird noises flares or no.
When IBS plays up my stomach make constant gurgling noised like a broken radiator. That used to worry me a lot coz it was a symtom of something nasty but doc said I was ok.
All my joints pop and crackle quitter loudly at times and I get the same exclaimed questioning from my hubby.
My jaw cracks when I eat.
The most sickenjng pop for me is that one in my lower back. It can come from simply waliking across the room but when it happens it usually sets of a bout of sciatica that can last for weeks.
Yes those cracked and pops certainly makes life interesting
I have some weird places that pop, too! There's a spot in the middle of my shoulder blade that pops. I'm not even sure what the heck is popping. There's no joint, that I'm aware of, right there!

I also have a place in the middle of my foot, in the long bones, that pops if I rest my foot on its side and push. Very odd. I should probably see a podiatrist about that one.
That shoulder blade pop. Hmm I get that and I'm pretty sure it's my spine. Sometimes it's my breast bone and the pop just seems to be the back.
That sounds familiar. I get terrible flares of arthritis in my neck, and it's insane. Sometimes it gets to the point the the inflammation must be messing with a nerve or something. I get horrible pains that shoot up my head, and pressure. If I lay on my right side, I wake up feeling like my neck and head are on fire, with pains shooting up the side of my face and into my ear. I think I have very few joints that don't come with their own sound effects now.
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