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Sep 19, 2016
Hello everyone,

This is my first post on here! I've been struggling with psoriatic arthritis (autoimmune) for coming one ten years now, but I've only been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since last year. I had been struggling with pain much worse than my PsA should have caused, and I finally found a skilled rheumatologist who didn't just start me on Remicade; he also diagnosed me with soft tissue rheumatism.

There have been some very rough times for me. I've been battling disability since 2014, but I haven't given up, since keeping a job seems to end me in a hospital repeatedly, and because I depend on my parents for finances. My family is divided because they don't believe I am struggling. I was suicidal last month and checked myself in to a mental hospital, and I've been dealing with bipolar disorder since I was 14.

Luckily, I have some people who love me very much close to me. Somehow, the physical pain that keeps me up some nights (yes, I have taken many different things to sleep over the years) still destroys my will to live. I'm always beaten down, always different that the world around me, and always affected greatly mentally. I try my best, but even talking about mental health to a rheumatologist or vice versa leaves something that I need in order to understand myself.

I guess what I mean is, treating my condition to "my personal best" or for "a good quality of life" is not even close to good enough for my brain. Anyone have any crossovers like I do? Any successes embracing both issues? I really just got on here because I am so desperate, and I used to really get great advice in psoriasis forums in the past, when that affected me. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.