Sometimes my clothes literally hurt my skin

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Jun 1, 2013
Weird but some times the skin over certain trigger points hurt and I can't stand anything rubbing on that area, anyone's else have skin pain besides the deep normal Fibro ache ?
I do. Certain fabrics really bother me. Sometimes i cant even wear jeans because of how they feel.... Tags bother me. People touching me certain ways bothers me.... And when i say bothers it can cause pain and discomfort.
I can agree with this in times when I have chest inflamation I can not stand to wear a bra. Other times trying to wear a high neck sweater or turtleneck, makes me feel like I am choking. I hate tags on clothing as they irrate my skin. Tight socks or belts bug me. It seems to be the nature of fibro to make all things normally pleasent painful or annoying.
I can't wear a bra when I have flare ups in my back.
All the same things listed above bother me too. The wrong sheets or blankets in bed or a pillow to high or to low will make my head or neck hurt too.
yeah, this happens to me all over. I haven't worn a regular bra in over a year - just cotton sports bras. the sheets, pillows, etc all have a MAJOR impact on my ability to actually rest without hurting worse after. i'm new to the diagnosis, but the pain has been a resident in my life since my daughter was born 12/21/11, and it's really hard to live this way :(
I can relate, I kinda thought I was weird when my clothes hurt my skin...I have resorted to a lot dresses and seldomly wear jeans anymore. Everything just hurts!
I am so sorry to hear all that. I hope you all found a fabric that you can stand and feel more comfortable in.
I am affected the same way as all of the above. I use a cage in the bed so that the duvet does not touch my legs. It helps to get some sort of sleep.
I can relate to what you saying because even me my skin hurts sometimes. Touching it with my hands slightly send such pain which doesn't feel like the normal pain. Cloths like you are saying are unbearable, I just wait for it to pass because pain killers don't seem to help.
I know what your going through. Apparently it's pretty common with fibro. My arms are especially sensitive at times.
The breeze from an electric fan cause nerve-like pain on my skin.

I know someone who has always had this issue.... but strangely fibro isn't involved in her case. Well, at least not that she's been diagnosed. No matter how hot a room is, she can't stand to have fan or air conditioner air directly on her, or sometimes even indirectly.
I have that all the time. It's called allodynia. It is painful reaction to stimuli that isn't usually painful. When I have it, I can only wear skirts, I prefer long sleeves with soft jersey cotton although it's really hot right now, so that isn't good. I get goosebumps easily, even in the heat. The goosebumps hurt even more. The breeze of even a person walking past me was excruciating. The fan, the wind, the AC they are unbearable. For me, I usually have this only in bouts of 28 hours or so every few weeks. It's not a constant symptom or a frequent symptom.
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