Stressed and super stiff

Thankyou @SBee It's challenging 100% (my legs are hurting quite bad today) I'll take your hug (it'll make me feel better in one way, thankyou!)๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒท
Here whenever and for whatever @Auriel . We can't change a lot of things for ourselves or each other but I know a hug or just a plain. ' hello ' on a difficult day can help - it does me.
Is there anything you usually do to relieve the pain in your legs? heat pads? Or a warm bath? Elevating them? Or is it more a time thing, just wait for it to ease a bit?
i'm sending an extra hug and good thoughts to you today ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜
my legs are hurting quite bad today
Sorry to hear that you are suffering, it's really frustrating. I tried some hamstring exercises yesterday and am still paying for it. Hopefully you can get some respite over the coming days.
Sorry you are still having the extra hamstring pain @Badger. Is it a rest job, or any massage type help at all? Cold compress or ice if it's swollen? Mind you, as you've had this before I guess you know what's best to do, or rather not to do?
Hope today has eased things a little for you
are still having the extra hamstring pain
Unfortunately I've suffered it for several years now after straining them. It took many months to calm down but became worse after aggravating them and has never been the same. They're constantly painful, quite tight and prevent me from standing for long or walking far.

I've tried many things such as ice, massage and tens units but they've never recovered. The different types of gentle stretches I've tried have all aggravated it. It sets off my restless legs. Resting helps to ease it to a point but can take days. I'm walking tentatively this morning.

This is how most injuries have been such as my neck. They've never returned to their previous state, leaving me in more pain and less mobile. I know lack of fitness complicates matters increasingly with age, I've always been keen to keep active but the pain has had a big impact. It seems to be a matter of how much things will hurt that day.
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No I don't have heat pads or anything @SBee I just take gabapentin , they make me sleep and just hope by the time I wake up it'll be better) my legs have always been the worse are area for me (it's a bit better now, thankyou) ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“
Thankyou @Badger , ive never tried hamstring exercises (I've done pilates before) I've never tried anything specifically for my legs for fibro (I wouldn't know how to do them?) There's probably youtube videos that can show me how, thankyou
I can't remember the YouTube video that I used but the two below will give the idea. They say that it's important to keep the back straight, bend at the hips and let the knees naturally bend. A tip was to put a stick across the front of your hips and hold it there with your belly as you bend over. I tried to do essentially the same exercise by lying on the bed and bringing knees to chest but my right hip has been hurting too much.

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