SulaBlue, Are You Okay?

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Apr 19, 2013
I wasn't sure where to put this post, so I chose the venting section. I'm sorry if it's the wrong area... but I'm concerned about SulaBlue. Are you here, SulaBlue? It's been ten days since you posted and I know that your state has been having all those tornado outbreaks.

I hope you're safe from the weather, and I also hope that with the atmosphere so unsettled in your area that you're keeping the pain under as much control as possible.
Good idea to ask SulaBlue, how she is doing. I have been a bit worried about her also. Might be she has no electric, or hopefully she is doing okay. If your able too Sula, let us know that you and your family are doing well through this rash of bad storms. :)
Sorry, sorry! No tornado here in San Antonio. We did get flooding but not in my part. Reports say we got about 9 inches of rain, with some parts getting up to 15 inches (which is more than we got for many MONTHS!). Sorry to worry everyone, life just got busy. I did have a case of sinus infection/bronchitis that kept at me for nearly 2 weeks, then I've started Weight Watchers, physical therapy for my hands, and now physical therapy for my back as well. With the way the Paratransit system works, a single 1-hour appointment can take a 4 hour chunk out of my day. Thankfully I have a very, very big book to read.
Sinus infection sounds nasty. I think that may be what I've been dealing with. I had a rather severe cold in mid May but the coughing and a bit of the congestion lingers. In any case, I'm glad to hear that you're okay, sulaBlue and that you were out of the tornadoes' paths.

How is the physical therapy working for you... have you noticed a difference yet?
Hi! Sorry. Fell off the board. Been busy, busy, busy with PT, counseling, WeightWatchers and just trying to live. It was also basketball finals season :)

The PT seems to be working out, though I do have to keep reminding myself and my therapist that I need to take it easy. It's so hard to not feel tired at the time and to remind myself that if I do too much, even if it doesn't feel like too much right NOW, that I'm going to pay for it.

I just moved my appointments to the morning. The paratransit bus has now partnered with YellowCab, and for rides under $10.95 cab fare they'll take our bus pass with no extra charge. My physical therapy place is within the proper distance, so no more waiting HOURS due to the van picking me up at 2pm for a 4pm appointment, then me finishing early and having to wait for my husband to get home!

The PT is apparently helping a little. I still have a lot of arthritis pain in my back. I'm also more than 150 pounds overweight (but have lost 15 pounds since May) so I think that's going to be a very, very long road to hoe. My goal is to at least get my back and sciatica pain under control enough to drive the short distances to my WeightWatchers meeting and the local health food store. Both are within 5 miles, but right now I just can't do it.
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