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Apr 5, 2013
Hello everyone, we all know how fibromyalgia affects our day -:? and somewhere in the huge sphere we share some of these but no two cases are ever identical! :-o We are all unique! :confused: :eek:even with fibromyalgia. Hoping to network more, and contribute to raising awareness of fibromyalgia. What are others doing to mark the 12 May Fm Awareness Day :?:
Personally I will be doing the same as usual which is posting here to help all newcomers and members, deal with their pain and other problems. The best ways to spread the new is through e-mails and blogs, forums and in person. You could make up flyers to hand out or hang up at the local stores. You could talk to people or share with strangers and friends. Or just join in here and offer some shed of hope to those who suffer with it.

Bye the way welcome to the forum. :)
Thanks for sharing hope and compassion. I have always been afraid to join a fibro support group because I thought it was just a place to complain. I joined an hour or so ago and I have seen only caring and helpful post. I have not seen alot of whining like I expected but genuine people in the same tough place that I am in. I am happy to be a part of the forum and I hope I can bring some encouragement to the table also. I start a new job tomorrow after a 5 month rest and I don't feel I am ready to go back. I came here tonight for encouragement. Thanks so much, onehope.
Good morning! Onehope, I hope you're up and able to get going this morning! Fingers crossed!
Your very welcome. I hope you enjoy this forum. We try hard to find a bit of humor in tough times as it helps mellow us out a bit. There is some moaning, but when your life is getting messed up by pain and depression, everyone needs some form of outlet for that sadness and anger. Please join in and tell us more about yourself and any problems you might be facing right now and we will try to help get you through it all.
Fibro/CFS, is a hard illness to handle and it steals your energy and gives you considerable stress in all parts of your life. But now you have folks willing to listen and answer your questions. Hope you keep coming back. 1sweed :)
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