Tension problems

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Feb 10, 2013
For the last few days ive been getting alot of tension in my neck going into my head and ears. The pain comes so fast that i just start to cry and i cant help it. I put votarol gel on my neck that helps but when the pain goes in my head and ears i just cant do anything :( I have to go to my room which has to be dark and just sleep the headache off but the tension is still there.

Does anyone know of anything that can help?
Hey there Lilly-mae,
I just posted a lot of helpful information about headaches and mostly migraines, but the info might help you. I used to use a heating pad on low for warmth and take a small towel and get it wet , wring it out so towel is damp, and put in the microwave for a few minutes, then take it out and lay the hot towel on top of the heating pad. That way your protected from the heat, but the double heat with moisture helps that area to relax that area and stop the pain. You can place a dry towel between the hot wet one and the heating pad if you want too. I have done this many times and you won't get shocked or anything. Hope this helps. Headaches and ear aches are depressing. :)
Lilly-mae this might be what they call a tension headache, the only relief for it is to sleep it off. Try to keep your stress levels as low as possible, as this is the root cause of tension headaches. You should consider some activities like crafting, or some exercise to relieve some of your tension and to take your mind off of things and problems. Breathing techniques helps me a lot when it comes to tension.
If its possible for you to get a massage, without more pain, I would try that. The worst of my pain is localized around my neck and shoulders and head. Constant headaches. Some days I can handle a massage, and it gives me relief. Some days, even someone touching me gently sends me into fits of pain. If massage doesn't help, I have to suffer through. Stretching and aromatherapy help me on occasion...

Have you started anything new, that you didn't used to do, in the last few days? Around the same time these started? or any new medications maybe? Just trying to figure out if there is something causing the strange new tension, or if it is related to the disorder:(
Good luck!
It does sound like a migraine headache. Darkness does help, wear a pair of dark sunglasses and try to stay in an unlight room. Also very warm showers may help. This is definetly something that can be helped by medications. Also a very quiet atmsophere really helps.
I am sorry that you are having to go through this. I really do feel for you because the same exact thing has happened to me a million times. I like to believe that I am a tough person but I am like you. I cannot help but cry when this happens.
Lilly, there's a product out there called a "Bed Buddy" - it's basically a tube sock with rice in it and rope handles on both ends. You can find them at drug stores and WalMart for around $10. You toss it in the microwave and heat it up for about 1-2 minutes and then put it where it hurts.

I find that this REALLY helps with my headaches. I don't know what they are, if they're migraine, tension, or what. They start above my left eye (ALWAYS my left eye!) and then there's just this line of tension up over my forehead, down the back of my head, along my neck and half-way down the back of my shoulder. In addition to the muscle tension it feels like someone's put a red-hot poker running from my eyebrow, through my head, and to the base of my skull on the same side. Additionally it will sometimes feel like my ear is clogged up and I feel like there's pressure in my ear that is relieved by tilting my head to the left. Sometimes I get nauseated as well.

I heat the bed buddy up and just lay face down on it with one end wadded up under my eye and the rest wrapped around my ear/neck. Then I'll re-heat it and ball it up under my shoulder and base of my skull.
For the past week or so my neck's felt really stiff, like when you sleep on it wrong and can barely turn your head the next day. I've had this a lot, but it usually goes away in a day or two, however this time the stiffness has lingered for nearly a week, so I started reading up on causes of neck pain. Some were fairly obvious, i.e. whiplash, sleeping wrong, muscle strain, spinal disorders, etc. (none of which applied in my case) others causes were ones that I had never heard of before like meningitis.
I've found that when I start to get a lot of tension in my back and neck, it's because I'm holding stuff in or not relaxing near enough. I started yoga a few years ago and have found that it makes quite a big difference in my symptoms, not always immediately, but long-term, most definitely. My headaches don't happen near as often or as severe and the tension in my neck and back isn't as bad. I also get less cramps and stiffness.

So, maybe that's something to consider? May not help immediately, but long term should calm this down for you. Good luck!
I'm starting to think that the best relief is a full body massage but the relief will not last a long time. Medication could also be one but I'm not interested in that since it may affect my other meds. Some type of therapist may be good also.
I would say you need to get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet.
Also you can get a regular exercise.
Do you smoke Lilly-mae ? if yes just quit smoking and try to use relaxation techniques.
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