The X factor

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Jun 15, 2017
There are lot's of thoughts about this subject, this concept. and when I look up these exact words: " The X factor " what comes up over 2 pages ( 2 pages basically being everything ) everything has to do with the TV show developed by Simon Cowell which was a none hit here in America.

I can talk about the show a bit but why waste my time and yours since that IS NOT what I am talking about. If I were to chose a more likely comparison I would say the phrase/term " magic bullet " but even that doesn't explain " The X Factor " which might also be described as " The Secret Sauce " but that too does not explain the X factor.

I wonder if it has now become a term that has lost it's meaning amidst the more popular meanings. If it did lose it's meaning then how can one explain the meaning and the purpose? If meaning and purpose are critically important for understanding then how does one explain what has been forgotten?

Think about that as a concept in general. " Knowledge " depends on words and phrases and popularity lends itself to the order of the definition. At one point when I was always pushed to use dictionaries, thesaurus's, encyclopedia's and other sources that have for millenniums been used to understand language which included from where a word came from, what it's etymology is, how it's use has changed and a basic rule being the order of the definitions was based on the popularity of use. It was not uncommon to have a definition that has not been used for a long time so next to the definition it would also say " archaic " meaning old and not used much anymore. At least the word and the use was still there. Now that part of a definition seems to have vanished so it's easy to read what IS there and to think that's all there is.

This freaks me out. It is critically important IMHO to have the whole history to understand all aspects of how it has evolved.

How can I use the term "X Factor " as it may have originally been created if there is no reference for the people of earth who seem to have a memory span of a few months at best.

Go back a few posts and notice how many people answered my question about " how things used to be ". At best I got a reply or two asking: " what do you mean ". Of course that would be the question because the way things were have long been forgotten and no one really care to know how things were or when or why, or how. All people want to focus on is what is now.

My posts about this are not going to change anything mostly because it has no meaning it is not even " archaic " It is dead to the world. Yet, I would love to prove that there is purpose in understanding why we not forget how things once worked.

I do not have a clear plan on how to reintroduce these things into our Lexicon of understanding but I do think it is possible but limited to the few and the curious.

Time will tell I suppose.
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