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Hello all.
I haven't been on for awhile; hope everyone is having a good weekend!

I've had a tough past 2 years and am becoming frustrated. If you could give me thoughts/experiences of same symptoms it would be appreciated.

I'm 17. Great-great grandma, Great-grandma and my grandma all passed away from ALS. My mother has been showing signs for awhile now. It is hereditary. For some reason it is always the first born girl (Yes, I am the first born girl in my family).

-November '07: Knee surgery to remove cyst. No cyst upon opening of knee. Inflamed muscles, shave under knee gap where growths have formed.
-December '07: Quit PT after no relief
-December '08: Horrible back pain begins
-July '08: Gallbladder out
-October '09: Appendix out
-December '09: Hip begins to go numb. Intense pain begins. Knee pain starts again.
-Jan. '10: Begin to have trouble remembering things.
-Feb. '10: Hearing loss begins; begin going to new PT. Believes I've never used my hamstrings before. I can not distingush how to use them, where they are, or feel them. Have trouble feeling his hand on my leg. Begin doing some exercises.
-March '10: Exercises not working. Get inserts for shoe. Can not tell you where the pain is on hip--just general area.
-November '10: Stop going to PT because he wants me to try some other doctors. Family doctor says my burning in knee is tendinitos. Don't know if I believe that.
-December '10: MRI shows abnormality in area generally linked to chronic headaches.
-Jan. '11: EMG shows no abnormalities/signs of ALS.

And so the saga continues. I have an appt. for my PT's uncle in another city. Family doctor does not want me to see an ortho yet because last time I did they just put me in surgery.

Help? :(
I understand why you would be concerned based on your family history, however nothing you have described sounds like ALS. Your clean EMG is a very promising indicaton as well that you do not have ALS. Let the Dr's figure out what is going on with you but do not try and diagnose yourself and feel confident that you experiences do not align with ALS symptoms. I hope this helps put you at ease. Best of luck - Ted
hello natile my name is rachel and i have als anoone in my family ever had it,but we did have cancer. I always thought for sure iI would get cancer and that what i would die from ,every test every had i was sure it would be postive for cancer I didnot worry i just knew it. I have sister who so worries about it she never goes to dr along for any result and she 70. I don't have cancer,I have als,all that worry about cancer was a big waste of my time . I hope this helps you,you are so young and have so much to live for. Try to put your worries on GOD let him carry it,be youn and thankful for each day.
Also, though not impossible, it is incredibly unlikely for you to develop ALS as young as you are.
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