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May 8, 2017
I wonder. Since living in New York is pretty much living in a small apartment. Having many conditions I found my self trying to adjust my living style setting to where it would be safe and comfortable for me to not hurting my self while walking around doing my everyday business. And since I'm looking for a new place to live again at this moment , I want to find some great idea for my next new tiny living setup. There's a lot of tiny house idea out there but most of them seems like an accident waiting to happen for me since I trips all over the place, while bigger place is also tough for my fatigue to keep it clean and organize since they would all ended up in a big pile of clutter in the larger corner somewhere and looking at it while unable to keep it clean is very stressing.
Any suggestion or example of how to live organizing in a small space while dealing with your conditions comfortably and safely? I normally sleeping on my lounge/bed/seating area. I sometime ended up buying recliner or futon lounge chair and all my important stuff kept close to my reach in any case that I can't get up for a long while. I don't want to spend so much money so I like the all purpose furniture to keep it easy. What is yours favorite type of furniture living? What are your favorite items to buy, how do you deal with your clutter and organize?
It is good to know I am not the only one. I know in the States, 'tiny living spaces' are becoming a hype, but where I live, it is all about trying to get the most space, in an overcrowded city. I have always hated space - mainly because it simply causes more clutter and more stuff to accumulate. And more cleaning!

I am a neatness/cleanliness freak, so my personal dream is a 1 (maybe 2) bedroom apartment and basic furniture pieces. Furniture that is easy to clean and keep clutter-free. The second room would be for the cats only and their many toys :).

I always liked the idea of a recliner, but I also do find it important to keep the living space and sleeping space separate. So investing in a good bed, if necessary, would be on top of my list. Otherwise I think it is all about de-cluttering & organizing, and looking for ways to minimize effort.

I live on the corner of my couch. My ancient round leg rest is my BFF. I also have a little bag next to where I sit all day, it has all my go-to items like pain killers, vitamins, hand cream, tissues, aromatherapy spray, extra socks, lip balm etc. On my other side I have my bag for my laptop and all my charging devices. I also keep my phone on me all the time (so it is very important to buy clothes with pockets!) The same story next to my bed, another bag full of the exact same things. In the kitchen I keep things I use very often within easy reach.

I also got rid of a lot of my clothing last year, and now depend on a number of trusted good quality items. This makes dressing up, doing the laundry so much easier. I have my 3 sets of uniforms for different occasions, I feel confident in them and they feel comfortable on me!

Getting rid of stuff feels so liberating. I suppose it is also the first step for tiny living as well.
Tiny Houses actually cost a great deal of money to buy, or to build, and then you have to have someplace to park it, which also costs money. So if you are on a very restricted budget, a Tiny House is not likely to work for you.

As for keeping small spaces tidy, it is the very same as keeping any size space tidy. I have my own business as a Professional Organizer, so I deal all the time with people who have clutter. There are two things that cause this and they are, in order of importance, 1) TOO MUCH STUFF and 2) no designated places for the things you own to be put away.

Most Americans have extremely too much stuff. I don't know about other countries. but the people I work with could get rid of anywhere from 1/2 to 4/5 or more of what they own and live just fine. People hoard things they will never use.

Get rid of everything that you don't use or really love to look at, and only keep a few sentimental items you cannot bear to part with.
The more you keep the more you have to deal with.
The stuff you you keep.... every single thing down to the paperclips needs to have a designated place where it lives so that if it gets left on the floor you know where to put it when you pick it up again.
Then, when you clean you know where to put things and you put them away and you don't have clutter. The fewer things you have the easier this is.
In a small space make sure you create storage places and use dual-function furniture like a bed with drawers under it, a coffee table that is a trunk.
There's a whole lot more I could say but that is the basics.
For my cat I'm planing to get him more vertical spaces play cause traditional cat tree/gym took too much of spaces, and it's tough to clean around it ( cat hair stuck around corner with dust) with my dust allergies/fibro i can be out off my feet ripping my skin off for days. I have a cat name's Sammy Davis JR. ( adoubted from aspca) he kept me entertain all day. It would be fun to looking up to watch him goes around the ceiling trails.

I'm still learning on how to be lazy, but it's pretty tough to do considering my PD. I did finally tossed all the stuff I don't need away , actually I have friends and bf help. I only took what I used all the time out with me from my old place and the rest have already went to trash and good will. I'm going complete minimalist.

I'm planing to get a bed ( mostly for my bf) the bed that lift up the mattress for massive extra storage below.
A coffee table that can easily pull up the top higher to use as a dinning table ( there're a few on eBay)
Sectional sofa with storage from Ikea , but not sure yet how comfortable it would be cause I change lots of seating for the passed 3 years cause my body feels pitching pain too much when the seat isn't fully fit well with my body or not enough support. My bf called me princess and the pea cause I will go crazy look for a tiny little crumbs in my bed or seat cause one small speck of sand can make my fibro gone insane. I ended up with making my own lounge seat out of a back yard hammock bed so I can keep adding or adjusting the cushion however I feel like at any moment. Of course I've already throw that one out. It's super ugly .
No I don't mean that I want to go buy a tiny house! , I meant something like micro apartment using tiny house setup style for space saving and maximum use. I live in NYC area , there's no tiny house parking allow here, I can't even find a parking for a tiny car on a daily basic. I'm actually happy I'm no longer own a car here.
i've lived in a tiny house for about 2 months and the only problem with living in one was sleeping on the loft. bc many hours are spent resting in bed, the cramped space in the loft eventually stiffened my neck and shoulders so much that i had to start seeing a chiropractor twice a week for months. no bueno. i'd also recommend a large fridge as opposed to a small as many tiny homes have since we are not able to shop groceries frequently. outside of that it was awesome.. less to clean.. simplifying life is definitely a plus for living w fibro.
Thank you so much 😊 for replying to my post! I alway curious about the set up knowing that sleeping loft space would probably give me panic attack ( lower ceiling claustrophobic ) and might fallen off from there while trying to climb up and down do to my bad cognitive function from times to time kinda scare me. And the with fibro pains I can't sleep on flat surface for years now so I guess I would probably live on my couch. But I really love the setup of most new design of tiny house out there. It's much better than most micro apartment in New York that's for sure! I've living in less than 350 sft apartment more than a few in NYC area. If I could only apply all the style and design of tiny house in NYC apartment that would be heaven! I love love ❤️ small clever space like that.
Good luck with decluttering and making an ideal small home to simplify your life.
Sadly I've nothing left to declutter at this point , future clutter maybe lol 😂
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