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Aug 30, 2015
good morning. i'm new to the forum. diagnosed in june 2015 but it's likely i've had it for about two years. had what now appears to be a flare a year and a half ago, lasting about 7 months. this current one started in march. the fatigue is ridiculous, the pain in the joints sometimes makes me insane. most annoying is adjusting to the reality that things are different, like having to use assistance devices when shopping, that sleep is a fond memory, that my depression is worse. and that friends don't get it and some of them just disappear. i'm taking cymbalta, gabapentin, t3, and ciprolex. and vitamins - omega 3s, probiotics, multivit, d, c, and zinc. but some days i just want to give up. i'm tired, angry, and sad, especially about friends abandoning, and how this is negatively affecting my life with my son. being sick like this makes me feel like a failure and i'm not sure how to get over that.
Welcome, now look here missy u get that failure nonsense out of your head,
I have four kids three grown up and a three year old,u just can't give up.but firstly u need to learn to accept what u have, and believe me two years is nothing, it can takes years for some folk to get there head around this.
It's a lesson of learning what u can do and what u can't.what u have to do ,and what can wait.
Here we have many many ppl just like u ,and we all give tips ideas and support on how to love it will get better just hold in there and stuck with us we don't bugger off when your low. We all lost mates and family .now u got a new friend me. And I'm betting cmetryme won't be far behind to offer a helping hand .his mad as a box of frogs but we love him .
thank you. i woke up this morning with a completely locked up back and such sore hands and was so down so getting your message really helped.
Keep your head up and there will be better days ahead of you! You have to fight this pain for your kids, they need you! Just like Forgetmenot said it sometimes takes many years to accept this! It took me 10 years before I accepted the diagnoses of "Fibro". Once I did accept it, I didn't have to waste anymore of my time on trying to find out what was wrong with me anymore. Now I try and find better ways to treat my pain. Like coming on here and reading all the posts from people who have the same problems that I do! So hang in there and you will have better days! And just a tip for the sore hands, I bought compression gloves for that and it helped tremendously! I got mine from Walmart in the pharmacy area! They are very reasonably priced, give them a try you will be glad you did!
thanks for the tip - i will definitely get the gloves. my mom also got me a dr. ho tens machine and it actually helps too.

forgetmenot. my harsh talk must be wearing off on you! how do i add to that!

Ella, get it together asap.

we are here to help you!

p.s. take it as i gave you a stern talking too.
i can't remember if i said thanks, but in case i didn't, thank you.
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