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May 7, 2013
Hi -
I am currently transitioning meds and have started on Savella. My dr. said to take Tramadol (1-2 a day) to help with pain while my body takes the time to adjust to Savella. I have taken 1 tramadol a day over the last week and I noticed some burning throughout my body similar to the burning that I struggeled with before I find out I had fibro. Does anyone experience this with Tramadol?

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I just wanted to welcome you into the forum. I can not answer your medication problem as I have never used that medication. Is there any chance this burning could be an allergic reaction to this new medication? Sometimes allergic reactions come in different forms. Some people get hives or swelling, some get rashes or sick feelings. I took a different medication and one night I experienced a terrible burning sensation in my face and neck, chest and mucus membranes. The cause was a chemical burn from the medication, which caused a condition called Steven-Johnson Syndrome. Look it up on the internet. This is a serious reaction, not something to take lightly.

I am not saying this is what you are experiencing, but it is a possible reason for the burning feeling. Can you easily stop this medication to see if the feeling goes away? You might want to talk with your doctor about this feeling as soon as possible. It could be the burning you had before, as in something else you were taking then could have caused it.

Anyways, glad you found our forum and I hope you will come back often and join in by asking more questions and offering hints and ideas of your own. :)
Hi -
thanks for your response. I don't think it is an allergic reaction but more of a withdrawal from the tramadol. I experience it in the morning until I take the medicine. The medicine lasts all day and then the burning will start again late evening and into the next morning until I take the medicine again.
I also take Tramadol. I do not experience burning. But burning is a regular side affect that comes with my Fibro pain when it hits my neck area. Burns and is hot.
I used to take tramadol six times a day and no relief, but I never had that happen.
I have taken tramadol and have never had that happen. I would discuss this with your doctor.
Thanks for all your responses. The burning must be from the fibro and while the tramadol is in effect, I do not feel it. Well, I should have adjusted to the Savella, but still find that my days are a bit better if I take the tramadol once or twice per day. I didn't want to be reliant on pain meds, but quality of life is better. Have a great day everyone!
I was taking Tramadol for 13 years for stress and tension migraines then so on. Two months ago they advised me they think i am having Seizures possibly cause from the Tramadol so most defiantly discuss any changes you feel with your Doctor.... Good Luck
Hi, I take one Tramadol and one Paracetamol in the morning and again in the evening. I was on Co-Proxamol until the UK govt. took it off the market, it helped with the pain, it was only after I stopped that I realised that it had caused me Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which has now gone so it was the Co-Proxamol which caused it. Good Luck with the meds.
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