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Feb 4, 2013
I thought I would start a thread where we can all share one thing a day that made us happy and made us smile and had a kind word we wanted to share with other members.

Often we rush through our days and never give a lingering thought about the few things that made us happy, made us smile, or made us want to reach out to another fibro member or just a friend. Sometimes its even strangers that are helped by our one kind word.

So I will start out with my day.

What made me happy "tomorrow is Friday"!
What made me smile "Reading your posts"!
What made me want to reach out to another member "empathy"!

And what made me want to say a kind word to a stranger "Their depression & sadness"!
(this was on another website)

Now its your turn to share.
What made me smile today is my son sent me a message saying how happy he is and how much he is enjoying his life travelling the world working freelance. His happiness and wellbeing is the absolute most important thing to me.

The second thing that made me smile is i was able to treat him and his friend to dinner out and they had a great time.

The third thing is some gifts i ordered online arrived and im happy thinking about people I love opening these on Christmas day.

The fourth is some kind replies to my thread about Stretching made me feel supported and less alone.
Things that made me happy today:
I am feeling much stronger and got things done today.

No snow on the ground when I woke up this morning and that made me smile.

Got a call from a friend and hearing his voice made me smile and be glad he was doing okay.

Made three vegan dishes that I have been wanting to try. Vegan cheese (yummy), vegan ice cream (good but needs work), and oatmeal cookies (yum).

More new members and old ones coming back I am so happy!
Here i am again. Things that made me happy today!

I helped a new friend at work find the information she needed.
I made another batch of vegan chickpea cheese and it turned out really good. I think I am on a roll with new ideas.
It snowed here this morning but didn't get to deep and was easy to shovel.
I got all my Christmas gifts ordered. Only have to make cookies now.
Tomorrow is over the hump day.
Things that made me happy yesterday.

In spite of feeling icky I still ran 8k along the river. While running I got passed by an old guy on his electric scooter. Too funny. I’ve been chuckling since then. He was motoring along pretty good too.

I stopped to take pics of the beautiful river valley and enjoyed the unusual balmy weather.

(Today’s a different day lol)
Things that made me happy:
I managed to get half of my Christmas baking done. Two more to do tomorrow. Fruitcake & Sugar Cookies.
I got to go shopping with a friend and we hit three stores, spent to much $, but had fun.
I did not have to get up early, shovel out driveway, or go to work today. :)
Things that made me happy today..... my hubby is sick with a flu and finally I get to take of him instead of him taking care of me. I baked kiwi banana bread for him and no bake protein bites.
Hey hey hey everybody!today I'm having balance problems,but I'm being happy with some hot Cisco and whipped cream!I've been reading some of your helpfulness over the last few days but haven't felt much like typing.but you all give me the giggles in this section
Thanks so much for that.
I am happy today because I have almost finished all my Christmas baking.
I had enough to give my friends bags of goodies to take home and eat.
Work is going well and I look forward to Friday.
And trenee made me smile that she is enjoying the forum and that she posted here.

Okay it's someone else's turn! LOL
What made me happy today.
I got all my baking done.
Finding out how many of my friends like fruitcake, and those that don't.
Got my Christmas decorations up and all presents bought.
Getting invited to go out to eat.
Enjoying meeting our new members. :)
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