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Feb 3, 2013
Nothing in here yet so I thought I'd ask you all about your viewing preferences

I'm a sci fi freak. All the star trek supernatural x files fringe all those kinda things
throw in a good cop drama and I'm in heaven.

So what's your favorite TV shows. Not movies, well do that in a different thread if you want. :grin:
I definitely like sci-fi, and I love Survivor and American Idol, I'm not ashamed to admit it :)
I love me some sci-fi!

Firefly (of course!)
Warehouse 13
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Star Trek TNG
Star Trek DS9
Terra Nova

I also love:
Castle (Heeelllllloooo Nathan Fillion lol)
Downton Abbey
Switched at Birth
Chopped (cooking competition)
NCIS, CSI, Law and Order

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I KNOW I'm missing a TON of them!
hey Moxie, we'd be a right pair to spend the evening with ... just dont talk to us if NCIS or Terra Nova is on. Its abugger they Killed that show :(
I was so upset when I heard they didn't pick Terra Nova up for a second season, especially with how season 1 ended! I think they really could have done a lot more if they'd been given the chance, and what they did with it in the first season was amazing.

A friend of mine always says that Fox always cancels the good shows, and I can't help but agree. I wish they'd at least try to farm it out to the syfy network or something.

Thank you all for sharing. I do not watch television as much as I used to. I like the Walking Dead, Arrested Development (it is off the air), Simpsons, Family Guy, and the Real Housewives of OC. I like reality tv shows because I feel like the participants in the show are like everyday ordinary people, like me. Reality tv shows depict people trying to achieve and/or living the American Dream. I like Arrested Development and The Walking Dead because the scripts are well written, and the shows cover many topics that many mainstream tv shows do not discuss. I grew up watching Simpsons and Family Guy. When I watch it, it reminds me of the simpler times in childhood. :)
I don't get to watch tv as much as before because I can't safford it. But when I did watch it NCIS was my favorite.

And I liked the hallmark channel with reruns of Little House and Love Come Softly.

do watch a lot of VCR's & DVD's, now so I have Harry Potter and Star Trek, and many of the newer ones through renting movies.

I never cared much for the scary noisey movies, but did like the X-files very much. I guess walking dead is a vampire show.

That is not my cup of tea either. Ugh!
I can't afford TV through cable. In fact when we moved in here I was offered basic analog for 18bucks. I do get Netflix for another eight bucks. If there's is anything else I wanna watch I save up for the DVD
You are definetly talking my language here. I love sci-fi, both movies and tv shows. Supernatural is awesome, as well as the walking dead. I really enjoyed the X files up until David Douchovney left the show. Then I did not watch anymore. I liked the Ghost Whisperer too. Not really into the star trek shows, unless you count the original tv series with WilliamShatner.
I, to, am a sci-fi/supernatural freak!
Falling Skys (WHOOOO, coming back soon!), Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Being Human, Continuum, Alphas, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries. I did love Tera Nova when it was on, and all the old STNGs (Not so much with Enterprise though).
Also Person of Interest -omg, love me some Person of Interest.
Spartacus (Cover your eyes, Grandma!)
Currently loving the History Channel's "Vikings" (which is being made available on their website for free, even 1 week in advance of what shows on TV!).
I like sci-fi too...but dont watch it much on TV...with the kids around, I dont get to watch anything I like anyway.....
Occasionally I'll catch a movie like X-men or Jurassic Park....and dream about it for days :)

TV is now more for cook shows, or reality tv or even contests...
Oh...and Star trek used to be my fav show on Tv back in the 80s...when we had only 1 channel in India called Doordarshan...and it was the official channel....Sunday mornings were dedicated to Star Trek ...

Much later I found the X-files irresistible....esp David Duchovny :)
I tend to like drama type tv shows like Breaking Bad, The walking dead. I Like just about every original on HBO and Showtime. My favorite show at the moment is Game of Thrones and it is probably the closest that I will get to a sci-fi type of show. The new season starts up next week and I can't wait.
Love game of thrones! Can't wait to see season three but I have to wait till the DVD s come out.
I just had to add this. We are watching all the episodes we mised of Suernatural. O my goodness, I forgot how much I loved this show. And I have to admit the Winchester boys are very nice to look at. This is such a fun show to watch if you are a sci-fi or horror type fan. I believe it has been on for 8 seasons and it is still just as good as the very first show. We are almost done with season 7 and on our way to the next season. This kind of show just takes you away from any problems and just lets you totally get into the world of Supernatural.
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