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Feb 16, 2024
Good morning,

Does anyone experience widespread and constant twitching?

I get twitching constantly in my calves but also randomly all over my body. I'm in a diagnostic process and fibro is being questioned. I have constant foot and leg pain which makes walking hard and all over body stiffness and aches. It's the twitching that drives me crazy!

Thank you
Hi @NHew

I'd suggest you browse the forums and see what you can find.'

Also, the more you describe your overall issues, the more feedback you will get.

Do remember to join in the conversations though. Just asking a random question and not following up will not be helpful to you.
Greetings, @NHew , and welcome.
Twitching, or a feeling of creepy-crawly under the skin, is often reported by people with fibro. I have this symptom myself sometimes and it is pretty annoying. The only thing I have found that really helps with this is using a TENS machine on the affected area. It sounds counter-intuitive....but it actually does help a lot, so you might want to give it a try.
I have the same problem. I use Baclofen. I take 20mg three times a day. Without it, my entire left leg starts having muscle contractions which are quite painful and I won't be able to walk. My left arm has a small twitch, but it happens occasionally.
I have had fibromyalgia for 25+ years and definitely get twitching. Sometimes an all over body twitch (which my daughter finds hilarious every time) like an extreme shiver and lesser twitches, such as a mild lip twitch and my newest, left eyelid twitch. This illness keeps adding new surprises. Hope you resolve yours and feel better.
I do, yes. It feels like popcorn popping under my skin - all over my body
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