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May 21, 2013
sorry in advance! So i finally got sleep after being up for 38 hours, and it was only 6hrs! WHY you ask? because my other half broke his hand and spent time in the er then had to go to work! FRUSTRATED! but on the other hand he said he understood my pain, and didn't know how i did it, he has been sweeter to me, even offered to rub my back last night after i got off work, and well with his broken hand i figured nah, ill survive, really didn't want him to further injure himself! He also told me that he understood why my elderly residents loved me because i was a good caretaker and was compasionate, well duh those who are constantly in pain tend to be, only because we know what it is like to hurt and be miserable! AND with that said, i get so tired of my "residents" saying "you have no idea how bad i hurt", or " you don't care if i hurt, its not you" when all i want to say to them is no YOU have no idea and YOU don't care how bad of a day it is or how bad i hurt because of how selfless i am taking care of you! I just get tired of being there for all these people and then they are so selfish and don't care or tend to recognize that people are worse off, i mean i understand they are older and their bodies have had a rough life, but its not easy to take care of people and just hurt SOOOOOOO bad! tends to make you grumpy to say the least! sorry for venting i just had to get it off of my chest. Went away for the weekend and it was a disaster, it was very pretty but nature pain and not sleeping right was just a wreck for me! any ways hope everyone is doing well, you are all in my thoughts!
Hope you feel better soon. sounds like your guy is trying to make you feel better with his broken hand and all. It can be a real pain when everything hurts and nothing is helping. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this bad flare. May you feel better soon. :)
I am sure you felt a bit better after sharing this because I could sense and understand your frustration. I hate it when people say 'you don't know how it's like', because I never said I did! Also, as you said, they don't know how it's like either and they suppose it's all rainbows for everybody else. Ignorants....
I know what you mean. My ex threw it in my face all day long. He was disabled and I his carer. Because he was in pain mine didn't matter. He would say " I'll swap your pains for mine anyday" I put up with years of this and one day I snapped back saying "yeah sure, then you might realise what I have to deal with plus looking after you on top" needless to say it wasn't long after that we broke up. Lol.
You need to blow off somwhere once in a while I think here is the best place. Feel better
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