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Feb 17, 2013

I just registered with this site, found it thru facebook.

I push through with fibromyalgia everyday, I have an almost 4 y.o. and a loving, understanding partner who make everyday wonderful. Thanks to finally finding the correct combination of medication for me (Ultram and Zoloft) I have more good, great even, days than I can ever remember. Life is good, but as we all know, everything's just a little bit harder with fibro, I hope to enjoy sharing ups and downs with others who understand the pain, literally :wink:

Re: Hi All!

Forgot to mention, I also use Turmeric for pain relief and take Vit D, CoQ10, and Omega 3-6-9
Hi Megara welcome and thanks for sharing. I love reading about the positives! I remember my doctor mentioning Ultram as a possibility, but if I remember correctly he wanted to wait because it's a pretty strong pain reliever. How do you find it? Side effects or slowness?

I'm so happy that you've found something that works well for you :)
Hi Janet,

I find Ultram perfect because Tylenol doesn't cut it anymore and hydrocodone is just a little too strong, makes me sleepy. To me Ultram strikes a balance between the two. The active ingredients in it are not actually opiods but somehow mimic them. It is addictive and once you get on it it would be hard to get off, but I love it and function fine without any side effects or adverse effects. Thanks for responding, it's nice to hear from others with fibro. Good luck finding your perfect cocktail :)
I might have to talk to my doctor. Same with me, Tylenol long ago stopped working, even the few times I've had Tylenol-3's they've done little (except make bowl movements difficult at times).

I wasn't sure if I read right, is the Ultram addictive?
Thanks for your post on what you are taking... I'm new to FM and my doc has prescribed Cymbalta... but I'm not sure I want to do it yet or not. So looking for alternatives... :p
Yes, Janet it is somewhat addictive as far as quitting cold turkey would be bad but not quite as much as stronger drugs.

Cynder, I have taken both Cymbalta and Lyrica in the past and just did not like them, they were both too strong, to mind-altering, made me feel fuzzy and like I wasn't myself, Lyrica was worse than the Cymbalta but neither are for me...but everyone is different and it can be good to do some trial and error to really narrow down what works for YOU, ya know.

Megara, Glad you found this site and shared this information with us. I have been taking Lyrica and Cymbalta and am not real happy with this combination. I am going to talk to my neurologist about Ultram and Zoloft next time I see him. I take 120 mg Cymbalta and 200 mg of Lyrica and wake up each day in so much pain. Really think I need something else. Thanks for sharing
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I have been taking Cymbalta and have not tried anything else. 120mg. I am wondering if I should be brave and try a different "cocktail".
Now I've been thinking...for anyone concerned about the addictiveness of Ultram, I take it everyday so I would have to wean down to avoid withdrawals if I were to go off it (which I really don't see doing anyway) but if you did not take it everyday, I'm pretty sure it could be used well on an as needed basis, like a extra boost for a really bad day, without any addiction/withdrawal problems. I mean, I don't know, I'm no doctor, I've just dealt with this for along time and feel like I've tried it all....but I don't really even want to recommend any certain thing for anyone because, like I said, what I do recommend for anyone is doing what they need to do to find out what works for that individual, be proactive and listen to your body, don't let doctors bully you or diminish your feelings, physical or emotional (can you tell I haven't always had the most wonderful encounters with doctors? ;) Anyway, I hope this helps a little...if not, just disregard the crazy lady who says she's sick
~lowered voices~ she looks fine, what's her problem? Probably just lazy..or crazy..nah, I think it's all those drugs she takes, why can't she just get it together, she just needs to push herself and try a little harder.............Aaahh

I've been tried on that ultram stuff (tramadol) it's used instead of codeine and is just as addictive. It really didn't agree with me. Something to do with my brain chemistry being already wonky or something.
Neither did the other "Fibro " meds help me (cymbalta, lyrica ) yet those drugs have helped so many others quite successfully.
I was really hoping the lyrica would work but it seemed to exaggerate my existing symtoms... very strange.
Twiztc, I just read your post and now am wondering what you do take to help with your fibro pain. Would like to know what it is if anything
I'm just on the standard pain meds.
Ibuprofen paracetamol (acetaminophen ) codeine to help the IBS then there's the amitriptaline(bugger can't spell ) for the depression and it's supposed to help with the Fibro pain too.
Right now though my concoction doesn't seem to be working that well. My pain doc don't come back for a few more week but I'm gonna be having a good long chat to him when he does.
Thanks for your post on what you are taking... I'm new to FM and my doc has prescribed Cymbalta... but I'm not sure I want to do it yet or not. So looking for alternatives... :p

I am on Cymbalta also, but I take it at night time , due to sleepiness and tiredness during the day. I am a RN, and can't be "fuzzy headed" at work. Ask about supplements too. It is a matter of experimentation. I tried tumeric for 1 month with no change. Sometimes, what works for one will not work for another - I tried Lyrica and Savilla without any help. You need to give some a month or 2 forthem to work, or not work.
Try cymbalta i was to fagitue from it i just stop taking it
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