Uncontrollable shaking in body and millions of little twitching muscles

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Jan 1, 2016
I found recently that if I am really tired (or not had a chance to rest during day or had less than 14 hours at night , when I go to bed I can't sleep because it's almost like having some kind of palsy. My eyes won't stay shut, my face twitches all over and my whole body shakes and trembles. This is a new development in my FM of 6 years. Does anyone else experience this? Hence I'm still awake after4 and a half hours since going to bed 😖😖
i get a vibrating sensation like a oneumatic drill followed by icy burning pins and needles sensation and like i am all revved up and then pain all over...nothing makes it stop when it goes off like a bomb for hours...feels like internal shaking. its horrible i hope it passes soon for you.
This is all Fibro stuff I'm afraid.sucks I no .but most of us have it at some point .
Have you consulted a neurologist lately? I know I tend to make this question often, but seeing a neurologist and ruling out anything of neurological origin is always a good idea. I was diagnosed with a cavernoma in my brain back in 2014, it turned out a lot of my symptoms (weird twitching, numbness, etc) was being caused by that. Better be safe than sorry, specially if you notice new symptoms, please guys, never assume everything is caused by your fibro.
The first thing I do when I start getting the twitching is drink some water. It seems, at least in my case, the twitches are often caused by dehydration. Sometimes if water doesn't do the trick, I'll drink some pedialyte (it's easy to find recipes for homemade versions on the internet, just make sure you find it on a reputable site), and that often helps. That may not be the case for you or others, but I seem to be chronically dehydrated, and it helps me. Another thing that helps with the nerve twitches is to focus on my breathing, and slow down my nervous system in that way.
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