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May 2, 2018
Hi everyone,

I’m a 32 year old male and have been dealing with various symptoms since September 2017 that I can’t seem to get a firm answer. I first started having an aching pain in my left chest in September 2017. I went to the ER and had bloodwork run, an EKG, and chest x-ray that all came back normal. I saw a cardiologist in October and November and did additional bloodwork (cholesterol and esr sed rate), stress test, and echocardiogram. All these tests came back normal except for some slight mitral valve prolapse. I also got put on blood pressure medication.

From September 2017 to December 2017 it was just the chest pain that was bothering me but it was getting worse. I was having the pain on both sides of the chest and sometimes the pain would be almost shoulder to shoulder and also under my armpits. Deep breaths made the pressure worse and also if I laid down a certain way the pressure was worse. I also started to have trouble sleeping with chest palpitations. In early December 2017 I started having abdomen and torso pain for a few days. My entire abdomen (belly button area, flanks, ribs, down middle of chest) were all extremely sore to the touch and had a burning sensation a lot of the time. I also started having some back muscle spasms. I did an abdomen CT scan with nothing abnormal noted in mid December. The abdomen pain came and went for several weeks but was never too bad. A couple of days later I had real bad chest pressure in the central chest and was dizzy. I ended up at the ER with some more bloodwork done with elevated bilirubin noted. In early January 2018 I did a HIDA scan due to the elevated bilirubin which showed a 17% refraction rate of the gallbladder but no stones. I also started to develop headaches and head pressure at this time. I did a brain MRI in March 2018 with no abnormalities. The chest pain all the way across and in shoulder and armpit areas were still getting worse so I also did another chest x-ray in January 2018 and chest CT scan in early April 2018 with no abnormalities. I also noticed two swollen lymph nodes in my neck in March 2018 and have had a sore throat since.

The last few weeks the chest pain has been bad and the abdomen pain and tenderness from December have also come back. If I take a deep breath my chest feels tighter and my abdomen also feels tight. My entire abdomen is tender and I get the burning sensation no matter if I eat or not. Sometimes when I stretch my torso in bed I get a sharp pain in my abdomen or side of my torso. My rib area is also very sore and I get burning in the flank area and around the belly button. I’m also getting muscle spasms in my back and upper shoulder blades at times. I’ve also noticed some bone pain and tenderness in my shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. Anyone had any experiences like this?

Have you seen a rheumatologist? I recommend seeing a rheumatologist, if you haven’t seen one already. You’ve had a wide range of tests and scans, which is wonderful, but a rheumatologist could possibly find out what’s causing some / most of your symptoms.

I also suffer from regular, sharp pain in my rib cage. The pain in the rib cage and the tenderness and pain in elbows, knees, and the other areas that you mentioned, can be signs of fibromyalgia, but since they are common symptoms for numerous other conditions and syndromes, only a thorough examination by a specialist (such as a rheumatologist) can result in a doubtless diagnosis.
I agree with Nick, rheumatologists are acutely more well trained for diagnosing and recognizing fibromyalgia and related symptoms.
I think you can catch some kind of illness during your self-exploration methods (for example x-raying yourself much), beware!
Hi everyone!
I am new to this forum and I haven't yet been diagnosed with Fibro. My GP mentioned it might be, but nothing is for sure yet.
Long story short, in 2016 I made a sudden move with my arm and my rhomboid on the right side got stuck. So stuck I could not even breathe or move. At the time I took just some painkillers and did some massage and it sort of went away.
Fast forward to 2017 March, I had a terrible spell of dizziness. I thought I would end up in ER, but the GP helped me to relax and sent me home. It happen all of a sudden without anything else ever upsetting me (besides the back muscle). After some test and an abdominal echo, they figured out I had a stone in the gallbladder. August 2017, gallbladder out through laparoscopic.
The GP and the surgeon said this is for sure why I am dizzy. Not considering my issue in the back which went away and came back sometimes.
In the meanwhile, the dizziness never went away. Ever.
I recovered from the surgery over the winter with the right side of the back hurting and annoying more and more.
January 2018, I dry my hair out of the shower, the same muscle in the exact same point gets stuck AGAIN. Same sharp pain, unable to breathe or move.
Next day, also out of the shower, it happens AGAIN.
I am 30 yo, had no kids and doing desk work (just FYI).
After this, I started going to a physio who used something called "dry needles" similar to acupuncture to some extent.
Up to this very moment, nothing got better. That point in the back is still stuck and it hurts to even turn my head. Dizzy too like mad every single moment of the day.
Neck feels really tight in the right side as well and it starts to spread to the shoulder. All on the right side.
I sleep well, sometimes I feel tired in the morning when I wake up but I find that normal considering that my poor body is trying to fix that muscle every night.
Sometimes at night I wake up feeling dizzy and then the neck and the point in the back feel very tense.
I am at my wits with this issue as nothing seems to help and I am afraid it is fibro which I am very scared of.
I started to loose weight by eating healthy and going to the gym. I have a personal trainer and I must say I always feel great after the workout.
Next day everything hurts, but after 2 days most of the pains are gone.

Can this be fibro? Is there no other explanation? I am making myself sick just by thinking that this is it and I have no way out :(

Any opinion would be helpful. Thank you!
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